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iOS data recovery & transfer

How to download or transfer iPhone and iCloud Photos thumbnail

How to download or transfer iPhone and iCloud Photos

If you've got photos or videos on your iPhone and need to get them copied off, or if you want to download your iCloud photos, this guide will help.

How to remove a Screen Time passcode on iOS 14 thumbnail

How to remove a Screen Time passcode on iOS 14

Lost your iPhone or iPad's Screen Time passcode? See how to remove it without having to reset your device.

How to recover data from an iPhone or iPad backup thumbnail

How to recover data from an iPhone or iPad backup

Learn how to view, edit, export, modify and recover lost and deleted files from an iPhone or iPad backup.

How to export and transfer iPhone contacts thumbnail

How to export and transfer iPhone contacts

Accidentally deleted an important contact, or want to transfer iPhone contacts to another iPhone or device? This guide walks you through exporting, transferring and restoring contacts between devices.

How to recover deleted text messages from an iPhone thumbnail

How to recover deleted text messages from an iPhone

Hit delete and wish you hadn’t? This guide takes you through the steps to recover deleted texts, iMessages, and attachments from your iPhone.

How to recover deleted photos from an iPhone or iPad thumbnail

How to recover deleted photos from an iPhone or iPad

This guide gives you seven different methods for recovering photos or videos that have been deleted from an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad. We’ve started with the simplest (and free!) approaches, to save you time.

How to download iCloud photos, messages and backups thumbnail

How to download iCloud photos, messages and backups

Learn how to download, extract and recover data from an iCloud backup. A complete guide to iCloud data recovery.

How to recover Viber messages & contacts from an iPhone

An easy step-by-step guide to recover deleted or lost iPhone Viber messages and contacts.

How to transfer or recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Our comprehensive guide for recovering or transferring WhatsApp messages and attachments.

How to export & view iPhone location data

A short guide showing how to view your iPhone's tracked location history.

How transfer game data & saves to your iPhone or iPad

Restoring data like saved games or hi-scores back onto your iPhone or iPad for Angry Birds and other apps is easy with help from iPhone Backup Extractor.

How to recover deleted Safari browser history and bookmarks

We guide you through examining your Safari search history and bookmarks. It's easily possible to view history that has since been deleted.

How to recover Kik messages from an iPhone

Recover deleted or lost Kik messages and attachments by following the easy steps in this guide.

How to save Instagram photos & messages

Our straightforward guide on how to save Instagram photos or messages from an iPhone or iPad.

How to recover Hike, Line, WeChat messages

Lost important messages from Hike, Line, WeChat or other messaging apps? Read on to find out few easy steps to download and recover them from your iCloud or iPhone backup data

How to export and transfer an iPhone or iPad calendar

This article guides you through exporting your iPhone or iPad's calendar data, capturing all calendar events from iCloud and elsewhere, and providing them in a simple iCal or CSV file.

iOS backup & restore

How to back up an iPhone — three simple ways thumbnail

How to back up an iPhone — three simple ways

Backing up your iPhone or iPad is simple and free. This article takes you through 3 methods for backing up using iTunes, Finder and iPhone Backup Extractor.

How to recover a lost iPhone backup password — 5 ways thumbnail

How to recover a lost iPhone backup password — 5 ways

There are a few ways to recover a lost iOS backup password. It can be done with a settings reset (which won't delete your data!), from a paired machine's keychain, or with an iCloud backup. Read on for more details, and some tips on remembering lost passwords.

How to fix “iPhone Backup Failed” & free up iCloud storage thumbnail

How to fix “iPhone Backup Failed” & free up iCloud storage

Running low on iCloud storage and getting “iPhone Backup failed” message on your phone? We've rounded up all of the approaches to free up more space.

How to install, upgrade and downgrade iOS (including betas) thumbnail

How to install, upgrade and downgrade iOS (including betas)

This guide takes you through how to update iOS on your iPhone or iPad. It covers updating to beta versions, downgrading again, how to do this safely, and how to recover your data if it goes wrong.

How to update an iPhone without backing up

If you update iOS on your iPhone using iTunes, you'll find it insists on updating your iTunes backup before it does so, overwriting your latest unarchived iOS backup. We show you how to prevent that.

How to disable automatic iTunes backups

When you sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, it triggers an automatic backup. Whilst it's a sensible precaution to backup regularly, it is possible to skip iTunes backups. We'll show you how.

What is stored in an iPhone or iCloud backup?

This article gives a clear explanation of what is and isn't stored in iPhone and iCloud backups, and the factors that ensure more or less is stored in your backup.

How to repair a corrupt iTunes backup or SQLite file

Every now and then, iTunes backups may turn out to be corrupt. Error messages shown in iTunes for a corrupt backup can vary depending on the main issue, sometimes without giving many clues on the real problem.

Where does iTunes store iOS backups?

On both Windows and macOS, iOS backups are stored in a MobileSync folder.

How to change the iTunes backup location

The default iTunes backup location is set to the PC or Mac's primary disk, and in macOS 10.15, iOS backups as created by Finder are stored in the same place. Users often want to change this when they run low on disk space. This article shows you how.

What does “iPhone Not Backed Up” mean, and how can I fix it?

A short explanation on the cause of the “iPhone Not Backed Up” alert, and guidance on how to fix it.

How to enable access to iPhone backups on macOS

Apple introduced a number of important security mechanisms with the release of macOS Mojave. This mechanism ensures that there's user consent for those files to be accessed, and protects against rogue programs or malware accessing them.

How to find Apple Watch backups when changing Watch

Losing one’s Apple Watch settings and data can be a pain, and I’ve found with replacement devices it’s sometimes not obvious how to restore your Watch, as the previous Watch’s backups don’t appear.

How to access an Apple Watch backup in three simple steps

Lost vital health or fitness data from your Apple Watch? Overwritten Apple Watch data from and need it back? This article walks you through accessing the data in your Apple Watch (iWatch) backup in 3 speedy steps, using iPhone Backup Extractor and a computer.

iPhone backup & restore FAQ

With over a decade's experience helping with iPhone and iPad backups, we've rounded up some of our top tips.

How to restore an iOS backup to an earlier version of iOS

If you find yourself needing to restore a backup from a device with a newer version of iOS than the target device, you'll need to be aware that restoring a newer backup to a downgraded iOS device isn't possible without a few tweaks. If you try without, you'll see this message:

iOS security & forensics

How to protect your iPhone, Photos, & iCloud account

Learn about the most important steps to take to keep your iCloud account safe, and protect your iPhone and iPad's data from hacking attempts. A complete guide to your iPhone's security settings.

What to do if your iPhone or iCloud gets hacked

Concerned someone has accessed your data or accounts without your permission? We take you through to steps you need to regain control and secure your data.

How to query data from iPhone backup SQLite and Plist files

Some users may wish to directly manipulate the raw files stored in their backups using expert mode. These are often comprised of SQLite database (.sqlite3, .sqllitedb and .db) or Plist (usually .plist) files.

Resources to learn more about iOS forensics & data recovery

Our roundup of the top resources to learn more about iOS forensics and data recovery.

What causes “Apple ID has been locked for security reasons”?

Apple automatically lock iCloud accounts and Apple IDs that they believe are at risk of unauthorised access, and this locking is partly triggered by what they perceive may be unusual user activity. What does this mean for you?

Which sunglasses block Face ID and how to fix it

The iPhone’s Face ID technology is great when it works, but some sunglasses frustratingly block it from working. There's been quite a bit of speculation as to the cause, and whether polarisation is a factor.

How to secure iPhone data with pair locking and supervision

Learn how to secure and keep your iPhone or iPad data safe with pair locking, preventing it from being accessed by any other computer.

How to access iPhone files with a disk mount

A comprehensive look at the different approaches for mounting your iPhone or iPad on a disk on your PC or Mac -- without needing to buy anything.

BlackBerry backup & data recovery

How to read IPD & BBB BlackBerry backups

Our short guide on how to extract the information stored in IPD backup files by BlackBerry Desktop Manager, using the BlackBerry Backup Extractor in four simple steps.

Resources to learn more about BlackBerry forensics and data recovery

Our roundup of the top resources to learn more about BlackBerry forensics and data recovery.

How to back up your BlackBerry

Problems backing up your BlackBerry Z10? Learn how to backup and restore and how to outsmart some of the issues that can arise. See why your contact groups can cause trouble and how to restore contacts with your BlackBerry ID!

How to fix errors when restoring BlackBerry backups in Desktop Manager

Getting an error when restoring data to your BlackBerry via BlackBerry Desktop Manager? See why it's happening -- and how BlackBerry Backup Extractor can help you!

Opening BlackBerry 10 backups

Help us understand how interested are you in opening a BlackBerry 10 backup. Is this a feature you would like to see implemented in the BlackBerry Backup Extractor?

How to import & export BlackBerry data to Outlook, Gmail, Android & more

Our comprehensive guide on importing and exporting BlackBerry data in all its forms. We cover iOS, Android, Google Mail, and other platforms.

Where does BlackBerry Desktop Manager store its backups?

Under newer versions of Windows such as 10, 8, 7 and Vista, BlackBerry Desktop Manager will store backups in \Users\USERNAME\Documents\BlackBerry.

How to install OS 6 on the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Our guide on upgrading from BlackBerry OS 5 to the new BlackBerry OS version 6. Don't forget to take a backup first!

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