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Collection of data from iOS devices

ricloud provides extraction and monitoring of many types of iOS and app data.

The API provides access to iPhone and iPad files and data via iCloud, or via a Wi-Fi or USB connection to an Apple device. Data from local devices is provided through an embeddable, white-label relay agent for Windows and macOS.

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Call history data for CRM applications

The API can provide call records from any normal call or FaceTime call made on an iOS device, as well as any third-party apps which support CallKit, including WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime and many others.

Call history data includes information on incoming, outgoing and missed calls, along with duration and contact data, which integrates well with CRM, billing and monitoring systems.

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Message data for compliance & monitoring

ricloud can automatically aggregate messaging data from an organisationʼs mobile devices for ingestion into compliance or monitoring tools. The API makes this easy, by providing messaging data in the same format across all apps, so itʼs possible to ingest iMessage, SMS, WhatsApp or WeChat data using the same code-base.

ricloud includes forensics-grade undeletion of previously erased content and messages. This suits compliance, monitoring use-cases well, where understanding or recovery of deleted content is critical.

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Automatic synchronisation & backup over Wi-Fi

ricloud is able to synchronise data wirelessly in your office or organisation using a Wi-Fi network, ensuring that data can be synchronised reliably on a regular basis. Itʼs also possible over USB, but a USB connection isnʼt necessary.

Using the ricloud API, organisations can schedule automated backups or synchronisation of their iOS devices and data.

With support for data collection over Wi-Fi and USB, ricloud lets users avoid storage limitations traditionally associated with iCloud access. Of course, itʼs also possible to use iCloud and Wi-Fi collection simultaneously through ricloud.

Real-time iCloud data access

iCloud refers to a variety of distinct storage and synchronisation mechanisms that Apple uses, including iCloud backups, iCloud Photo Library, Continuity, MobileMe, Find My iPhone, CloudKit, CallKit and others. ricloud provides access to all varieties of iCloud data, and can go beyond the limitations of iCloud backup data, by providing access to more powerful feeds of real-time data.

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Aggregate call & browser history, contacts & photo data

With ricloud, organisations can automatically collect and archive iCloud data in real-time, including call and browser histories, contacts, and iCloud Photo Library contents.

Support for data from dozens of apps

The API supports all core iPhone and iPad data types across all iOS versions on all devices, as well as dozens of third party apps. This includes call history, browsing data, photos and videos, and messages from a range of apps, and the API normalises their feeds, so that data from multiple apps of a similar type can be consumed in the same way.

Popular iOS core data types

  • SMS, MMS and iMessage data with attachments
  • Call history from normal calls, FaceTime and VoIP apps
  • Contacts and calendar
  • Photos and videos
  • Location data

Dozens of third-party apps

  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Kik
  • Viber
  • LINE
  • and many more

Other data

  • App usage and analytics
  • Voice memos, recordings and voicemail
  • Cookies & browser patterns
  • Health and step data
  • Apple Watch and connected device data
  • Open Source client libraries on GitHub
  • Easily consumable RESTful JSON format with mock data for integration testing

Easy and interruption-free

The API makes it easy to collect iOS data, and makes it simple for clients to work with, without worrying about changes to data formats. Data is provided in easy to consume JSON feeds, which use consistent formats across apps of similar types.

We're committed to maintaining support for contemporary and past app data formats, and have a solid track record in this space, having built the world's first product to access iOS data in 2008, and been first to support major changes such as those introduced in iOS 9 and iOS 12.

Secure from the ground up

The API is hosted, delivered and developed in the UK by Reincubate, makers of the first iOS data extraction product. As a values-based company, we're deeply focused on end-user security and privacy.

Reincubate is subject to stringent UK data protection legislation, and is compliant with EU and US Safe Harbor regulations. The company is trusted by security, LEA and government users around the world.

ricloud has been built from the ground up not to store any end-user data: all data is streamed direct to client servers, and with built-in tokenisation, neither clients nor ricloud need store end-user credentials.

  • No client PII data or credentials stored
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) support
  • Compliant with UK DPA, EU and US Safe Harbor
  • SOC3, ISO27001, PCI-DSS and HIPAA certified hosting

Privacy-first use-cases & case-studies

As per our position on privacy and trust, ricloud is only available for ethical, transparent use-cases with clear end-user consent.



Connecting corporations with data on their device inventories


CRM and point-of-sale (POS) integration

Connecting stores and sales teams with data on their clients calls and messages.


Parental monitoring

Allowing parents to safeguard their childrenʼs online activity.


Law enforcement and forensics

Allowing law enforcement and security agents to access information on devices and accounts of interest.

"Reincubate has been a fabulous technology partner for uKnow. We performed an exhaustive research process to figure out how we could better serve our Apple customers, and after talking to dozens of industry insiders and technology companies around the globe, we were convinced that Reincubate was the right team to help us.”

Steve Woda

CEO, uKnowKids

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  • Health data
  • Cookies
  • Netflix, YouTube, Ad ID (IDFA)
  • Snapchat, Facebook Messenger (limited)

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