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Customer case study: Everalbum

Expanding into the iOS market with the Reincubate iCloud API

About Ever:

Ever is a cloud based app helping users back-up, organise and share high resolution photos from multiple sources - including iCloud, Google Photos, Instagram, and Facebook. In September 2016, Ever ranked in the top 10 most downloaded productivity apps in the App Store.


Whilst still in the growth and discovery stage, Everalbum was looking for a technology partner to help them enable a new iCloud data extraction feature for iOS users, called Explore.


Reincubateʼs ricloud API was integrated for testing purposes, which lead to a surge in engagement for Apple users.

Download the full case study here.

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Big data, Storage




$8M, Khosla Ventures


San Francisco, US

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“Trust is important. A team that is fully dedicated to solving the problem, meaning they are always ahead of the curve and always ahead of new developments. Especially when working in mobile where the platforms and operating systems are adjusting so quickly with new releases.”

Andrew Dudum -- Founder of Ever

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“Reincubate has been a fabulous technology partner for uKnow. Reincubate has responded by constantly improving and expanding their technology solutions to help us meet those increased customer demands.”

Steve Woda, CEO, uKnowKids

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“As a digital examiner, obtaining digital evidence in a reliable, timely way was critical. Thankfully I stumbled upon iPhone Backup Extractor. It has been the perfect addition to my arsenal of tools.”

Louis Cinquanto, Digital Examiner

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“It's incredibly important to work with a partner who is always up to speed on latest and greatest coming out of iOS. Part of the great relationship with Reincubate is that we can trust them to be on top of these changes.”

Andrew Dudum, Founder of Ever

Extensive expertise with iOS technologies

Reincubate was the first to market the first backup extraction solution for Apple users, the first to support encrypted iOS data, and the first to work with each iteration of iCloud and CloudKit. Being ahead of mobile developments and changes is our top priority.

Our iOS data extraction technology powers solutions and products in digital forensics, law and compliance, big data, storage, CRM and more. Have questions about a custom solution?

Notable customers

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US Dep of Justice

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UK Home Office

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UK Police

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US Army

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The Reincubate team have some of the best customer service we've ever come across in this business. The speed at which they have solved our problems is astounding, even with our antipodean locale! As for the the iCloud API -- it just works! The team is so clearly dedicated to making sure it does!
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Sam Ritchie

Many Hats Enterprises

"Reincubate has been a fabulous technology partner for uKnow. We performed an exhaustive research process to figure out how we could better serve our Apple customers, and after talking to dozens of industry insiders and technology companies around the globe, we were convinced that Reincubate was the right team to help us.”
They have been super responsive to our needs, and as the market's “table stakes” features have expanded, Reincubate has responded by constantly improving and expanding their technology solutions to help us meet those increased customer demands. We are super pleased with our decision to partner with Reincubate!”
Steve Woda CEO, uKnowKids

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