Reincubate DeviceIdentifier API

Manipulate & enrich Apple & iOS model, serial, IMEI, ICCID, MEID, TAC data and more.

The API provides a subset of data without a token and can be used non-commercially, subject to a rate-limit per IP. If you have signed up for a token, you can enter it below to see fuller responses.

Metadata enrichment

These demonstrate enrichment and anonymisation of metadata. The fields are pre-filled with examples, but you can change these.

Metadata identification

This demonstrates identification of metadata. Try a few examples: iPhone5,3, A1784, C8QH6T96DPNG, or 013554006297015.

API response

The API's response to your queries will be shown below.

Integration is easy

We've published Open Source client libraries for the API on GitHub for Python and .NET.

Sign up for access

  • RESTful data access
  • Rich model imagery
  • Identifier anonymisation
  • Support for GSX integration
  • Metadata identification
  • Open source clients in Python and .NET



ideal for for hobby
or open source use


Free authentication tokens lift rate & data restrictions that are present without

Rate-limited against excessive load


$ 100

per month
for commercial use


Suitable for 100s of requests per day

Email support in UK hours, standard SLA

Latest signed firmware data

GDPR suitable identifier anonymisation



for embedded, GSX,
high volume or enterprise use


Apple GSX integration for SSAP/ACMTs with FMI, extended IMEI data & blacklists

Composite lookups

Lookup data feeds

Account manager & enhanced SLA

Pioneering domain knowledge

Our knowledge of best practises for integration is second to none.

Robust documentation

Detailed documentation with integrated mock data and request samples.

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