Reincubate's DeviceIdentifier API provides the functionality to manipulate and enrich assorted device identifier formats, with a particular focus on mobile, Apple and iOS identifiers. A great way to understand how the API works is to start here.

Supported identifiers include:

The API does this through four types of calls:

  • Lookups: given an identifier, the API can provide a host of related information, from country of manufacture, through an anonymised version of the identifier, through to imagery for the item that is represented.
  • Identification: given a particular value without context, the API can identify what type of identifier it is, and consequently how to analyse it further.
  • Enrichment: given several identifiers for a device, the API can triangulate its way to providing even more lookup information than would ordinarily be possible.
  • Advanced functionality: device fraud detection, auto-completion, firmware analysis, and Apple GSX API integration.

Common uses include:

  • Learning more about the provenance of a device, from the manufacturer, SIM issue location, or even white-listing and locking
  • Conclusively identifying a model or device type
  • Identifying latest available firmware for a given device
  • Getting model imagery from a variety of identifiers
  • Identifying unknown or anonymised identifier metadata
  • Safely anonymising an identifier before GDPR-compliant storage / retention
  • Looking up Apple specifications using an identifier
  • Retrieving trade-in values for devices
  • Detecting device fraud in advertising applications (paid plans only)
  • Capturing signed blobs and generating signed ApTickets (paid plans only)
  • Retrieving details on latest iOS firmware and signing status

The API can be used freely for non-commercial purposes without an access token: it will return a subset of data which may be subject to rate-limits. Commercial users may request a token for full access.

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