Authentication and rate-limits

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Authentication tokens are used to enable access to the API without rate-limits or data limits. This takes a format like ubxbhwera9xkmx4yoej6yt5tslvpjcdj. Each client uses one or more tokens to connect to the APIs, as each is associated with a set of permissions.

    "message": "You have been ratelimited; please sign up for a key at if you require a larger limit",
    "retry_after": 3405,
    "type": "permission_denied_rate"

We ask that users consuming the API in anonymous mode provide a link in their product back to the DeviceIdentifier API's product page.

Obtaining a token

Authentication is performed using a token provided by Reincubate, which can be obtained here.

Authenticating with a token

If one had a token of ubxbhwera9xkmx4yoej6yt5tslvpjcdj, it could be used by setting the HTTP Authorization header to Token ubxbhwera9xkmx4yoej6yt5tslvpjcdj. Like so:

$ wget --header="Authorization: Token ubxbhwera9xkmx4yoej6yt5tslvpjcdj" -qSO - --content-on-error

The client libraries include their own documentation, and support the token being set via an environment variable, like so:

$ export RI_DEVID_TOKEN='ubxbhwera9xkmx4yoej6yt5tslvpjcdj'

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