Advanced functionality


Using Apple's GSX data

Clients with access to Apple's Global Service Exchange (GSX) service are able to use the API to enrich calls to this endpoint with additional data on device status. This allows clients to look up colour, model, capacity and lock status data from an IMEI, which is valuable.

We cannot provide direct GSX access to clients without a valid Apple account (reselling access is not permitted). Once clients have GSX access, we can help them query GSX and augment its data with our own rich set, in a way that supports their own processes for repair or servicing.

Clients working with GSX will need to exercise caution where they allow their end-users to access this data, as it must be protected from scraping by numerous "IMEI lookup" tools that exist, which seek to provide this data in violation of Apple's terms.

Device fraud detection

The DeviceIdentifier API has an enterprise module that can validate combinations of identifiers, for use where clients are at risk of being sent bogus or automatically generated identifiers. This functionality is not made available in the public version of the API for security reasons. Access is available on request.


Access to auto-completion data is available through the API on request. This enables clients to learn a range of valid potential identifiers related to a device. For example, if an Apple "A" number is provided, the API can list potential Apple model numbers.

Firmware data

The API includes some firmware data in Apple model lookups, and a collection of firmware data commands are available.

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