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Every summer I enjoy seeing early releases of the latest version of Apple's iOS, coming to understand their changes to the iCloud, and having the opportunity to write about our support for these newer versions.

Each year's a little different. Sometimes the changes to iOS and its backup formats are profound. There are plenty of interesting components coming in iOS 12. In particular, I've been fascinated by Screen Time and the greater protection that macOS applies to backups.

Apple are consistently acting in the best interests of their users. It is gratifying to be operating in an ecosystem that is driven by a company with the right model and the right instincts around privacy and protection of user data.

We've been pleased to see the personal protection and security enhancements that iOS 12 promises: enhanced two-factor authentication (2FA), reduced ad tracking, greater protection for local backups, improved strong password suggestion, and lockdown of physical access to unattended devices. More is being done to encourage users to enable 2FA, which is a hugely effective tool for user protection.

Full support for iOS 12 iTunes backups

This year we'd not rushed to make a fuss publicising support for iTunes backups in iOS 12. Essentially, we'd managed to anticipate most of the changes, and consequently already had most of that compatibility. It's still worth saying, though: we support iTunes backups from iOS 12, whether encrypted or not.

This year -- as with some others -- the changes to the iCloud were more profound, and we wanted to hold fire a little while until we saw the changes fully propagate rather than rushing in.

Full support for iCloud backups

Apple made further adjustments to iCloud earlier this year, and introduced another change early last week. That had the effect of knocking out every third-party tool that is capable of iCloud backup access.

Last night we started our deploy to ship updated iCloud support following Apple's change of last week, and we've now fully restored access to backups of all versions of iOS backups stored in the iCloud. As of today, Reincubate is the only technology provider able to access iCloud backups created from all versions of iOS.

Apple have a further set of substantial iCloud changes coming, and we expect to see them later this year. Whilst the changes will be complex, they are rooted in common sense principles of privacy and user protection. We remain committed to our mission of helping individuals and companies can do more with their data on a transparent and ethical basis. People having access to their own data -- on a secure basis -- is important and right.

Thanks for your support and interest. ❤️

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