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Update: iPhone Backup Extractor now features support for encrypted iPhone / iTunes backups, macOS, iCloud, all newer versions of iOS, and a whole bunch of other things.

If you've found you have the need to retrieve files from an iPhone backup but cannot, you might want to have a look at iPhone Backup Extractor. It works well on Windows and macOS, and can rapidly retrieve backed-up pictures, AppStore apps, SMSes, and the rest. It supports iOS and the iOS 2 update. (Update: and all newer versions of iOS!)

iPhone Backup Extractor
iPhone Backup Extractor

We are regularly enhancing iPhone Backup Extractor to support newer models of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices as well as all versions of iOS, including beta releases. iPhone Backup Extractor allows you to open encrypted iTunes backups easily and quickly.

And if that isn't enough, we have more: iPhone Backup Extractor is available for macOS users. Download the Mac version of iPhone Backup Extractor or read more on product updates, how-tos and tips and tricks on our iPhone Backup Extractor blog.

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Comments (3)

..wonderful..!! thankYou

Dear Sir,

I would like to extract the whatsapp messages of IpHone 5S since Nov 2015. I actually does not know whether backup or icloud is taken or not. But I want to see these messages.

Pls suggest the solution and do needful.

Regards Sridhar Balla

Hi Sridhar: check out our guide on this topic.

Hi Aidan,

Does this software also work guaranteed for back ups that were encrypted but the password is not known for them? I stumbled on a post of yours on stack overflow from years ago and that led me to this site which seems like the most hope I have. I lost thousands of pictures and videos when syncing my previous phone which I had trouble with since I bought and I just can't get past trying to retrieve them.

Hey Marisa, thanks for writing. If you reach out direct to our support team they can help with this!

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