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As iOS 5.0 makes its way into beta 2, we wanted to tell users that iPhone Backup Extractor fully supports iOS 5 backups. iOS 5 won't be released until at least September, but we'll always do our best to support the latest version of iOS -- even for beta testers

Centralising backup data in the iCloud?

You're likely aware that Apple are taking their next big step in centralising data, with the forthcoming appearance of iCloud in iOS 5. They'll still be giving everyone a choice to retain control of their own data.

Will iCloud be free?

Apple have said yes, and by registering to the iCloud you'll be entitled to 5GB of space. App Store purchases like music, apps, books, and also Photo Stream allocations also don't count to this space, so there should be plenty of room for all your files and documents.

However, the introduction of iCloud will allow apps to store large amounts of information in the iCloud. There will be settings to control this, but the 5 GB allocation may soon prove to be limited. Apple will no doubt offer the ability to extend iCloud storage space, but the costs aren't clear yet.

Apple have gone big on infrastructure with their $1bn North Carolina Data Center, and it'll be fascinating to see them building on this.

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