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Release notes and changelogs for asrelay

asrelay released

1 features 2 improvements 2 fixes

In our second update to Reincubate Relay 3, we're adding improvements for iOS 13 and a number of important reliability enhancements.

  • Feature Added right-click menu to devices with "Remove encryption" and "Enable encryption" options.
  • Improvement iOS 13 devices won't relay call history unless the device has been configured to create encrypted backups. Relay will now prompt users and guide them through this process. It'll only ask once, so if they choose not to, it won't keep bothering them.
  • Improvement We've changed a few things behind the scenes in the way we prepare Relay for distribution.
  • Fix Fixed a nasty edge-case bug where losing connectivity whilst syncing could lead to subscription permissions being reset.
  • Fix Fixed an issue where Relay might silently closed if a particular sort of problem occurred whilst syncing, and fixed a related issue where corrupt sync data could cause a crash.

asrelay released

1 features 2 improvements

We're proud to be releasing Reincubate Relay 3.0.1 today. Here's what's new:

  • Feature Reincubate Relay is now notarized by Apple, ready for macOS Catalina (10.15).
  • Improvement We've improved the visuals in the Windows installer.
  • Improvement We've removed a few stray legacy references to "iTunes backups".

asrelay released

1 features 5 improvements 3 fixes

We're thrilled to release version 3 of our Relay tool today, and as we do so, we're renaming it: asrelay is now Reincubate Relay. We've done this in part as we make our product naming simpler and clearer. Reincubate Relay 3 brings a significant change:

  • Feature We now synchronise with devices directly rather than relying on iTunes backups, and can do so over USB or Wi-Fi. Users of the API can request data from a device on demand, and the API will request data every 24 hours unless instructed otherwise. 🎉 For more on this, check out the API docs or reach out to us directly.
  • Improvement Added date of last sync and sync progress to the UI (sync progress is an estimate).
  • Improvement Startup is now faster because Relay no longer needs to load and decrypt all known backups on launch before it is possible to interact with the app.
  • Improvement Double-clicking the system tray icon on Windows now opens Relay's main Window.
  • Improvement Application properties are now better formatted on Windows.
  • Improvement Reincubate Relay is no longer shown as asrelay.views.WPF in Windows 10 notifications.
  • Fix Fixed a bug where Relay wouldn’t trigger a notification asking for the new password if a backup’s password changed.
  • Fix Fixed a bug where device images and names only updated after a check in with the API.
  • Fix Reincubate Relay could look wrong on macOS when dark mode was enabled for some users. We've resolved this now.

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