asrelay 3

发行说明和 asrelay的更改日志

asrelay released

1 的改进 1 修正了

Today's release contains a pair of helpful enhancements for Relay.

  • Improvement If the last check-in failed, the app now says so in its status bar.
  • Fix Fixed a bug where connectivity issues could cause the pairing window to show, even if Relay has already been paired.

asrelay released

1 的功能 5 的改进 3 修正了

Reincubate Relay 3.1.0 brings with it a simpler, more robust interface, and integration with ricloud API v3.

This release is not backwards-compatible for clients using our v2 or v1 API, and clients with legacy integrations will need to upgrade. All functionality available in v2 and v1 is available in a simpler, more robust, and faster form in v3. v3 hugely simplifies the process of working with the latest version of our APIs for combined iCloud and device data.

  • Feature We've overhauled the interface to simplify the main window and pairing code. It's now much clearer and easier to support onboarding users. Text in the interface has been made large.
  • Improvement We've moved "Check-in now" to Relay's main menu.
  • Improvement "Reset settings" has been added to the Advanced menu. This can be used to easily unpair Relay, allowing the pairing process to be started over.
  • Improvement With the addition of "Reset settings", we've taken the opportunity to remove "Uninstall" and "Destroy cache" from the same menu. The app is uninstalled in the usual way on macOS and Windows.
  • Improvement We've restored support for macOS 10.10, which we dropped in our 2.0 release.
  • Improvement Device images now exactly match user devices.
  • Fix Fixed a potential crash on launch affecting users who have manually modified their iTunes configuration.
  • Fix Fixed a rare macOS-only crash occurring when a user pressed "Open" immediately after launching an un-paired instance of Relay.
  • Fix Fixed a rare bug where Relay would get two pairing codes on launch, and show users the slightly older one, making it impossible to pair.

asrelay released

7 的改进 9 修正了

Today’s release of Relay includes a large number of enhancements for reliability, speed, and easier use.

  • Improvement Relay is now smarter in doing what it can to speed up the first sync of a device.
  • Improvement Relay is now quicker when getting many files in a partial sync. One element of this was taking up to 15 minutes, but now takes only seconds.
  • Improvement We now pre-load some data ahead of sync, reducing the overall sync time.
  • Improvement When a device connects, if we want to sync it, we now start doing so almost immediately.
  • Improvement Relay’s logs now include much more helpful information for diagnosing issues.
  • Improvement We’ve pulled in a number of miscellaneous enhancements for dealing with synced data efficiently.
  • Improvement We’ve added a warning popup if you try to run Relay 3.0 (API V2) with a settings.json file from Relay 3.1 (API V3).
  • Fix We’ve resolved a bug whereby backups could get stuck after a Wi-Fi disconnection during a backup. This would prevent any more backups happening until Relay was restarted.
  • Fix Sync could get stuck if the computer’s network connection went down during an upload. This would prevent the sync from completing until Relay was restarted.
  • Fix Requests from the API would go ignored if the device was unshared and then shared again.
  • Fix We’ve resolved an issue whereby the backup process would take a disproportionate amount of time for devices with an exceptionally large number of files.
  • Fix Relay would delete its local cache if a device disconnected and reconnected during the backup process. This meant that the next backup would be a full one, and could be very slow.
  • Fix Relay on macOS now prefers USB backups to Wi-Fi ones, because they are much faster. (Windows already did this.)
  • Fix Relay would sometimes do a full sync where only a partial one was required.
  • Fix We’ve resolved an issue whereby Relay could think a device is connected when it’s not (this could be caused after a device repeatedly jumped between USB and Wi-Fi, with both being available sometimes).
  • Fix We’ve fixed some rare error message popups appearing when a device disconnects on macOS.

We’re aware of a small number of additional issues that we are planning to resolve in a future release. These are:

  • (macOS only) Very occasionally on some machines, Relay can lose the ability to talk to the server. It recovers again after a while, but we are investigating this further.
  • (Windows only) If you un-share and re-share a device during a sync at just the wrong time, it cause an error which will prevent further backups from working until the device is disconnected and reconnected.
  • (Windows only) When alerting about an invalid settings.json file, the alert text overflows the message window.

asrelay released

1 修正了

Relay 3.0.3 is a service release fixing an unusual sharing issue.

  • Fix Checking "Share" in Relay before subscribing could cause sync to get stuck for 24 hours or until Relay was restarted. This would only happen if Relay completed its initial sync after clicking "Share" but before subscribing.

asrelay released

1 的功能 2 的改进 2 修正了

In our second update to Reincubate Relay 3, we're adding improvements for iOS 13 and a number of important reliability enhancements.

  • Feature Added right-click menu to devices with "Remove encryption" and "Enable encryption" options.
  • Improvement iOS 13 devices won't relay call history unless the device has been configured to create encrypted backups. Relay will now prompt users and guide them through this process. It'll only ask once, so if they choose not to, it won't keep bothering them.
  • Improvement We've changed a few things behind the scenes in the way we prepare Relay for distribution.
  • Fix Fixed a nasty edge-case bug where losing connectivity whilst syncing could lead to subscription permissions being reset.
  • Fix Fixed an issue where Relay might silently closed if a particular sort of problem occurred whilst syncing, and fixed a related issue where corrupt sync data could cause a crash.

asrelay released

1 的功能 2 的改进

We're proud to be releasing Reincubate Relay 3.0.1 today. Here's what's new:

  • Feature Reincubate Relay is now notarized by Apple, ready for macOS Catalina (10.15).
  • Improvement We've improved the visuals in the Windows installer.
  • Improvement We've removed a few stray legacy references to "iTunes backups".

asrelay released

1 的功能 5 的改进 3 修正了

We're thrilled to release version 3 of our Relay tool today, and as we do so, we're renaming it: asrelay is now Reincubate Relay. We've done this in part as we make our product naming simpler and clearer. Reincubate Relay 3 brings a significant change:

  • Feature We now synchronise with devices directly rather than relying on iTunes backups, and can do so over USB or Wi-Fi. Users of the API can request data from a device on demand, and the API will request data every 24 hours unless instructed otherwise. 🎉 For more on this, check out the API docs or reach out to us directly.
  • Improvement Added date of last sync and sync progress to the UI (sync progress is an estimate).
  • Improvement Startup is now faster because Relay no longer needs to load and decrypt all known backups on launch before it is possible to interact with the app.
  • Improvement Double-clicking the system tray icon on Windows now opens Relay's main Window.
  • Improvement Application properties are now better formatted on Windows.
  • Improvement Reincubate Relay is no longer shown as asrelay.views.WPF in Windows 10 notifications.
  • Fix Fixed a bug where Relay wouldn’t trigger a notification asking for the new password if a backup’s password changed.
  • Fix Fixed a bug where device images and names only updated after a check in with the API.
  • Fix Reincubate Relay could look wrong on macOS when dark mode was enabled for some users. We've resolved this now.

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