iPhone Backup Extractor supports iOS 14: what's next?

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Apple's WWDC developer event was a little unusual this year, being open to all online, and not taking part in San Jose or Cupertino. We missed the opportunity to meet others in the community and members of the Apple team, but enjoyed the labs that they run during the event, and got involved with the Indie Sticker Pack project as part of the excitement.

Now's my time to write what I've written every year for the last 12 years: iPhone Backup Extractor is compatible with the first beta versions of the new iOS. We shipped iPhone Backup Extractor 7.7.27 last week, adding support for the changes Apple have made to Messages. It's also fully compatible with macOS 11.

We're going to be releasing some follow-on updates over the coming weeks and months ahead of the iOS 14 launch to make some more fundamental changes to how we show data in iPhone Backup Extractor. In particular, Apple's message threading, responses, and pinning of conversations merit us taking a fresh look, and we're excited to do that. We expect more changes to come from Apple in the meantime, so we're not going to rush into those interface changes.

I noted in the 7.7.27 release notes that we've another announcement to make, and that's that iPhone Backup Extractor 8 is around the corner. We've been working on version 7 for three and a half years now, and we're about ready to move to the next major version. In doing so, we're going to take a more structured approach in releasing new functionality: we'll continue to ship patches regularly and as-needed, but we'll bundle up new functionality into bigger milestone releases. We've got a lot of big plans for version 8, and being able to go deeper on each release is going to be really helpful.

As ever, users with valid licenses will be getting any and all updates for free. We hope you're as excited about iOS 14, macOS 11, and iPhone Backup Extractor 8 as we are.

Thanks for your support. ❤️

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