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I’m excited to be announcing the public beta release of Camo for Android today. Now, you can use your Android with Windows or Mac as an amazing webcam. Download it here.

"The beta of Camo for Android is so good that I have already been recommending it to audiences at talks I give. It's the least ‘beta’ beta I've ever tried. A real game-changer." — Rich Mulholland

Just over a year ago, we launched Camo because I was frustrated by the terrible quality of traditional webcams, and put off by the bulky and unintuitive alternative of using a DSLR as a webcam. Since then, we’ve repeatedly seen Camo blow traditional webcams out of the water, along with more affordable DSLR models, too.

We've had so many brilliant tweets from users.

Back in July 2020, we weren’t sure what sort of interest Camo would generate at launch, and whether it would appeal to Android users, but, alongside the fantastic uptake of Camo for iOS, we’ve heard from lots of Android users who want to use Camo, too. Our private beta for Android was oversubscribed, and we were surprised by the surge in interest in such a short period.

We’ve had Camo for Android in private beta since the beginning of this year, and we’ve loved hearing how users have been getting on. We talked to Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon Sarju Athwal, who has been using the Android beta, to get his thoughts:

“This is a fantastic bit of software, great work! I haven't come across anything like this and the possibilities for remote surgical training are countless. The interface is really slick yet simple, with a very short learning curve. I’m really enjoying using it.”

There are a couple of apps out there already that let you use your Android as a webcam, so what makes Camo different?

1. Full control of your webcam directly from your computer via the Camo Studio desktop app. No other smartphone/webcam app does this. This makes controlling, adjusting, and keeping tabs on your feed so much easier, especially when using the camera on the back of your phone, which is generally much higher quality than the selfie camera.

2. High-quality, native software on all platforms. At Reincubate, we’re obsessive about the user experience. We’ve stayed in private beta longer than most companies would, in order to polish our app to make sure Camo just works for you and your devices.

3. No ads! We’re quite transparent about how we fund our business, and it’s never at the expense of you or your data, so you’ll always be able to enjoy Camo without ads, even when it’s free.

4. Compatibility with more apps than anyone else. Camo works out of the box many apps on both Windows and macOS, and for macOS users we have an additional integration system built into Camo Studio, offering one-click integration with a range of apps.

5. A bunch of controls. Zoom, crop, pan, manual focus and loads of image and light adjustments. Camo lets you get technical with your camera feed, then save and automatically load your adjustments as a preset.

Camo supports devices up to five years old for both Apple and Android devices. For Android users, that includes 7 “Nougat” and above. As our work on Camo for Android continues, other features will be added, including “portrait mode,” which is currently available for iOS users. Get Camo for Android now.

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