How to recover iDo Notepad data from an iPhone


iDo Notepad (Diary/Journal) by Neil Thomas - is a simple to use notepad application which has been written specifically for the iPad & iPhone/iPod Touch.

If you have lost access or deleted data from the iDo Notepad by Neil Thomas app, after upgrading to iOS 11 or newer versions, please contact our support team using the contact information below. So long as it is present in your backup, we will be able to assist you in recovering this data with iPhone Backup Extractor.

If you already have an iTunes backup created when the iDo Notepad data was still present on your iPhone, you can move forward to the recovery section.

If you don't have an iTunes backup and you still have the iDo Notepad data on your iPhone, you can create one right away using iPhone Backup Extractor or iTunes.

How to extract data from iDo Notepad:

  • Launch iPhone Backup Extractor and select your backup from the left hand navigation. Go to the “App View” tab and select the iDo Notepad app form the apps list.

  • To extract your data from this app, you will have to extract the database file. To do so, click on the “Extract link” next to “All databases”. The extracted file is called iDo.sqlite and you can open it with a free SQLite tool.

  • Open the iDo.sqlite file with DB Browser, then go to the “Browse Data” tab and look at the table called ZMESSAGE. Here you should find all the texts you have saved in your journal. You can also extract this table into a CSV file by using the File menuExportTable(s) as CSV file…

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Thank you for the article! It was a lifesaver! I used that App a lot and I was able to recover my notebooks! Have a great day!!

Thanks Pam!

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