How to recover Pic Lock 3 data from an iPhone


If you've lost data from the Pic Lock 3 app (by i-App Creation Co., Ltd.) after upgrading to iOS 11, please contact our support team using the contact information below. So long as the data is present in your backup, we will be able to assist you in recovering it with iPhone Backup Extractor.

If you are a Mac user, please make sure you have the option to view hidden files enabled. You can enable this from Finder by pressing on ⌘ Cmd + ⇧ Shift + ..

Users will see the application presents under App View similarly to the screenshot below:

Recovering data from Pic Lock 3 with iPhone Backup Extractor
Recovering data from Pic Lock 3 with iPhone Backup Extractor

Pic Lock 3 has been removed from the AppStore, orphaning user data. Before it was removed, the app was advertised as "Pic Lock 3 Ultimate Free - Lock your Photo & Video, Note, Password, Contact, Message, Todos, Location, and Audio". Its description ran "with Pic Lock you can hide and protect all your private media in a very safe place". It used the following namespace: com.iappcreation.piclock.

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Comments (4)

Hello, i need some passwords that are inside pic lock 3 ultimate free.. can you help me? Kind regards, Ted.

Hey Ted, we've dropped you an email to guide you through it.

I would like to extract all of my photos from picklock3. I have not deleted the app from my phone

Hey Korey, we've sent you an email with some tips to help. 🙂

Hello, I am lookinf to recover my pcitures from piclock 3 ultimate free. I need a little help. Thank you

Hey Taylor, no problem. We've just dropped you an email to guide you through it.

Hi. Can I still recover some files from my pic lock premium account?

Hi Barney, yes — we've just emailed you instructions.

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