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If you run into a problem with Camo, please make sure you're using the latest version: use Check for Updates in macOS, and check the App Store for updates on iOS.

Checking for updates in Camo Studio...
Checking for updates in Camo Studio...

“Reincubate Camo” doesn’t appear as a video source in my video conferencing app!

  • Confirm your app appears on the compatibility list, and follow any instructions there
  • The instructions are important — you might need to upgrade some apps
  • Make sure you've restarted your video app since installing Camo
  • Still doesn’t work? Please contact us

Zoom doesn’t show Reincubate Camo or is slow

  • Make sure you're Zoom 5.0.5 or newer
  • If Camo still doesn't appear, it's caused by Zoom’s internals being broken: sometimes it gets itself in a state where it doesn’t support third-party cameras properly and leaves behind older Zoom components
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom solves this
  • Still doesn’t work? Please contact us

My device disconnects from Camo Studio (or is slow to appear, or won't connect)

Camo shouldn't ever disconnect when you're using it. We've had it running for days on end in test calls, and actively on calls for up to 13 hours at a time.

If you do see disconnects, there are generally 3 causes:

  • There's a third-party USB hub in between the phone and Mac
  • There's a problem with the USB cable
  • The Mac is overloaded

The first troubleshooting step is to ensure the phone is connected directly to the Mac, and not through a hub. All hubs and adapters made by Apple work perfectly, but there are a number of third-party hubs that aren't powerful enough. We're yet to find a USB hub in a monitor that causes problems.

Once you've made it work by removing the hub or switching cables, it may be that you can reintroduce your hub with fewer devices connected to it. Seeing the charging indicator on the iPhone and iPad flicker on and off is a good indicator, but if the charging indicator is on solidly it does not necessarily mean a third-party hub will work.

If you suspect the issue may be caused by your Mac being too slow, try lowering the resolution in Camo Studio to the lowest setting. If that works, it's a good indicator, and we'd love to hear from you. Please let us know, as we should be able to make even the slowest Mac run with 720p.

We've tested and recorded feedback with a number of USB and USB-C hubs below. If you share your experience with us, we can add to this table.

Product Type Feedback
Apple USB-C to lightning cable USB-C
Apple USB-C adapter USB-C
Apple Pro Display XDR screen USB-C
Samsung 49" RG90 screen USB
Dell 2515H screen USB
Hub 9 in 1 Multiport Adapter USB-C Causes slowness, disconnects
Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub USB Causes disconnects

Simple adapters like these tend not to cause any problems.

Using Camo with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity is only available for users of the Android beta at present.

Your Android device should connect automatically to Camo Studio, so long as it is running on the same Wi-Fi network as the PC running Camo Studio.

Camo crashes on iOS when I connect to Camo Studio

Sorry! Camo Studio on your Mac keeps track of settings, so if a setting breaks it, reconnecting the phone will break it again. The solution until we fix this is to reset your Camo Studio preferences.

  1. Close Camo Studio
  2. Open a Terminal and run defaults delete
  3. Start Camo Studio again

Still doesn’t work? Please contact us.

Uninstalling Camo

Camo Studio can fully remove itself and its components. To do so:

  • Click Camo Studio in the macOS menu bar and select AdvancedUninstall Camo Studio. This is the menu on the upper-right of your Mac's screen, not the upper left.

    Uninstalling Camo Studio
    Uninstalling Camo Studio

  • Close any apps that were using Camo's camera, and open them again (those apps won't see that the camera has been removed until they've been restarted)

  • Delete the Camo app from your iOS device

Getting logs from Camo

In some cases, sending us logs can help us diagnose problems. Camo Studio doesn't record logs by default, so you'll need to turn on logging first.

You can enable logging with AdvancedRecord Logs. Once that's done, restart Camo Studio and replicate the problem, before using the AdvancedExport Logs menu.

Exporting logs from Camo Studio
Exporting logs from Camo Studio

On iOS, you can turn logging on using your iPhone's settings menu: SettingsCamoTroubleshooting SettingsRecord Logs. Once logging is turned on, replicate the problem you've got, so that information about it gets written to the logs.

With that done, you can then get the logs by long-pressing on the question mark icon top-right of the screen. That’ll open a share dialog prompting you to share the app’s logs. You can choose to AirDrop them to your Mac from there.

Camo's settings on iOS
Camo's settings on iOS

Camo's troubleshooting settings
Camo's troubleshooting settings

Exporting logs from Camo on iOS
Exporting logs from Camo on iOS

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We aim to reply to all messages within one working day.

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