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Camo is an app for using your phone or tablet as a pro-quality webcam and video recorder. It allows you to access high-quality video directly from your Android, iPhone or iPad's amazing camera on your Mac or PC.

To learn more about Camo and its features, check out Camo's product page.

Camo has two components: an app that runs on your mobile device, and an app that runs on your computer. For the sake of clarity, we refer to the mobile app as "Camo", and the desktop app as "Camo Studio", as this is where you will control the image sent from the mobile device.

Camo vs Camo Pro

Camo is available on iOS in free and paid editions. (Our Android app currently offers all available features for free.) We hope users love both versions, for different reasons. Here's how we think of them.

Camo's free edition is great for straightforward, high-quality calls and recordings, but lacks adjustments. It gives you resolutions up to and including 720p video, along with a choice of the device's selfie lens, or the main back lens (the wide one). The free version of Camo also lets you access your device's audio, use augmented reality (AR) modes, and keep the screen of your device dimmed while using Camo. With the free version, you can also connect multiple iOS devices and switch between them.

If you upgrade to Camo Pro, you get the following:

  • Access to every lens on your phone (such as selfie, telephoto, ultra-wide & wide)
  • "Portrait mode" on iPhones that support it, with bokeh effect and shallow depth-of-field
  • Control of the device's flash for use as a light ( turn it on and off, control the brightness)
  • Access to any resolution the device provides (opening up 1080p and 1440 x 1080)
  • Video mirroring
  • Rotation of the feed in 90° increments (in case your phone is orientation locked)
  • Zoom controls, with pan and tilt to keep you front and centre
  • Focus adjustments (autofocus, focus on a particular area, manual focus control)
  • Shutter speed and ISO adjustments
  • Image adjustments including brightness, temperature, tint, hue, saturation, contrast, gamma, sharpness

You can see some of these controls in action in adjusting your video.


Camo for iOS is compatible with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 12 or newer. Camo for Android is currently in public beta and compatible with any phone running Android 7 or newer.

Camo Studio is compatible with any macOS computer running macOS 10.13 or newer, or any Windows computer running Windows 10 or newer. It is fully compatible with Apple Silicon Macs. Releases for earlier version of Windows going back to Windows 7 (64-bit) are available, please contact our support team for more information.

Many popular video calling and streaming apps such as Zoom, Google Meet and Twitch are compatible with Camo. If you’re using Zoom, Camo requires Zoom 5.0.5 or above. You can see the full compatibility list here.

Camo Studio should stream 1080p fine on a low-power 12” 2015 MacBook. Similarly, it performs well on 2012 iMacs. If you encounter slowdown on older or slower machines, try decreasing the video resolution in Camo Studio to 720p.

Portrait Mode, AR modes & higher frame rates

Camo supports Portrait Mode and additional AR modes on any iPhone or iPad with an A12 processor or higher. Note that this is different from Apple's Portrait Mode within the Camera app, which works on some slightly older devices.

Support for higher video frame rates, above 30 fps and up to 60 fps, is also limited to devices with an A13 or M1 processor and later.

You can use the table below to find your device and check compatibility.

Model Processor Portrait Mode & AR modes Frame rates above 30 fps
iPhone 14 Pro Max A16
iPhone 14 Pro A16
iPhone 14 Plus A15
iPhone 14 A15
iPhone SE (3rd gen) A15
iPhone 13 Pro Max A15
iPhone 13 Pro A15
iPhone 13 A15
iPhone 13 mini A15
iPhone 12 Pro Max A14
iPhone 12 Pro A14
iPhone 12 A14
iPhone 12 mini A14
iPhone SE (2nd gen) A13
iPhone 11 Pro Max A13
iPhone 11 Pro A13
iPhone 11 A13
iPhone XS Max A12
iPhone XS A12
iPhone XR A12
iPhone X A11
iPhone 8 Plus A11
iPhone 8 A11
iPhone 7 Plus A10
iPhone 7 A10
iPhone SE (1st gen) A9
iPhone 6s Plus A9
iPhone 6s A9
iPhone 6 Plus A8
iPhone 6 A8
iPhone 5s A7
iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 5th gen) M1
iPad Pro (11-inch, 5th gen) M1
iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 4th gen) A12Z
iPad Pro (11-inch, 4th gen) A12Z
iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 3rd gen) A12X
iPad Pro (11-inch, 3rd gen) A12X
iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 2nd gen) A10X
iPad Pro (10.5-inch, 2nd gen) A10X
iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 1st gen) A9X
iPad Pro (9.7-inch, 1st gen) A9X
iPad (2021, 9th gen) A13
iPad (2020, 8th gen) A12
iPad (2019, 7th gen) A10
iPad (2018, 6th gen) A10
iPad (2017, 5th gen) A9
iPad mini (6th gen) A15
iPad mini (5th gen) A12
iPad mini 4 A8
iPad mini 3 A7
iPad mini 2 A7
iPad Air (5th gen) M1
iPad Air (4th gen) A14
iPad Air (3rd gen) A12
iPad Air 2 A8X
iPad Air A7
iPod touch (2019, 7th gen) A10
iPod touch (2015, 6th gen) A8

How can we help?

Our support team are here to help!

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM GMT. The time is currently 4:26 PM GMT.

We aim to reply to all messages within one working day.

Our awesome support team

Comments (5)

Thank you so much for this impressive free software! Do you have support for Ubuntu 20.04 and if yes, how? And on Android phones, is full HD (1080p) available already in the free version?

Thank you! Yes, 1080p is available on Android phones that are capable of it. We don't have Ubuntu / Linux support just yet, but we are evaluating it.

Camo's the only app that still works with iOS 12.5

Can I connect two phones at once?

Hey Matthew. You can, though Camo only shows output from one at a time. You can switch between them in Studio. 🙂

Guys, your software rocks! I tried so much softwares that pretended to work as good as yours. But after all, Camo is the only winner!

Good afternoon! Camo is an awesome app ... thank you! How do I use the front camera on my iPhone? I can't seem to find any selector to use either front or back camera. Thank you, Mark

Hi Mark, thank you! You can do that using the Lens selector in Camo Studio. See here.

Impossible de télécharger l'appli avec Apple Store

Oh no! Here's the App Store link. If that doesn't work, please search for "reincubate camo" in the App Store. 🙂

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