Getting started with Camo

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To use Camo, you'll need to install it on your mobile device and on your computer.

Installing Camo on your iOS device

When Camo is out of beta, it'll be available here on the App Store.

Installing Camo Studio on your Mac

The download URL for Camo Studio is shared directly with beta testers: if we've emailed you an invitation, it'll include a link to the download.

  • Download and unzip Camo Studio; that’ll show you the Camo Studio app
  • Double-click on Camo Studio to run it
  • When you first run Camo Studio on your Mac, it'll prompt you for permission to install (it'll move itself to “Applications”, and install a plugin to let video conferencing apps see it)

Camo Studio asking for permission to install
Camo Studio asking for permission to install

Once that's done, Camo Studio will open on your computer. When Camo Studio runs for the first time, it'll ask if you want it to automatically check for updates. We recommend that you do, simply because we update Camo Studio regularly to stay abreast of compatibility with a wide range of video apps.

Camo Studio asking whether to check for updates
Camo Studio asking whether to check for updates

Pairing Camo

Pairing in Camo is automatic — just plug your device in. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac with a standard lightning USB cable, and after a few seconds, you should see yourself in Camo Studio on macOS.

Activating Camo

There's no need to pay to use Camo, and the free edition provides everything you need to use your iPhone as a high quality webcam. However, if you'd like to unlock all of Camo's power, you can upgrade by clicking the "Upgrade" button on the top-right of Camo Studio.

That'll show a window like the following, with buttons at the bottom to buy a license or activate a license. Clicking "Buy now" will take you to Camo's checkout to buy a license.

Camo Studio's upgrade window
Camo Studio's upgrade window

If you've already bought a license, click "Activate license", and you'll be greeted by the window shown below. When you bought Camo Studio, you'll have been shown and emailed a username and password for activating Camo.

Camo Studio prompting for license details
Camo Studio prompting for license details

If you've closed the browser window you used to buy Camo, and you can't find the email, it will have been sent from Search for that in your inbox and check your spam. Contact us if you get stuck or need help!

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