Getting started with Camo

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To use Camo, you'll need to install it on your mobile device and your computer. We recommend installing the iPhone app first.

Installing Camo on your iOS device

Camo is available on the App Store. You can find it by searching for "camo".

Search for Camo in the App Store to download to your iPhone or iPad
Search for Camo in the App Store to download to your iPhone or iPad

Installing Camo on your Android device

  1. Camo for Android is still in beta. Sign up to our Android beta list.

  2. Once you’ve been added to our beta list, you’ll be able to download the app by searching for ‘camo’ on the Google Play Store.

Installing Camo Studio on your Mac

  • Once you've downloaded the app to your iPhone, you can AirDrop the desktop app to your Mac by tapping the AirDrop icon on the getting started screen. Alternatively, you can download and unzip Camo Studio from here.

  • Double-click on Camo Studio to run it

  • When you first run Camo Studio on your Mac, it'll prompt you for permission to install (it'll move itself to “Applications”, and install a plugin to let video conferencing apps see it)

Camo Studio asking for permission to install
Camo Studio asking for permission to install

Once that's done, Camo Studio will open on your computer. When Camo Studio runs for the first time, it'll ask if you want it to automatically check for updates. We recommend that you do, because we update Camo Studio regularly to stay abreast of compatibility with a wide range of video apps.

Camo Studio asking whether to check for updates
Camo Studio asking whether to check for updates

Installing Camo Studio on Windows

Camo Studio for Windows is currently in public beta.

  • If you've downloaded the app to your phone, tap Share Link from the Getting Started screen to send to your computer. Otherwise, download Camo Studio for Windows here.

  • Double-click on Camo Studio to run it

  • Follow the installation instructions it shows.

Camo Studio for Windows' installer
Camo Studio for Windows' installer

Pairing Camo for iOS

Pairing in Camo is automatic — just plug your device in. Connect your device to your computer with a standard lightning USB cable, and after a few seconds, you should see yourself in Camo Studio on macOS.

Pairing Camo for Android

The steps for pairing Camo for Android differ depending on whether you're pairing to Windows or Mac.

To pair Android to Windows:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer and open Camo Studio. You should see the following screen:

    Camo Studio shows the steps required to connect to Windows
    Camo Studio shows the steps required to connect to Windows

  2. Follow these steps on your Android to configure your device:

    • Go to Settings, search for Build Number and tap it 7 times.

    • Now search for Developer Options in Settings, scroll down to USB debugging and tick to turn on.

    • Selecting Always allow from this computer means you will only need to do this once.

To pair Android to Mac:

Your Android should connect automatically to your Mac, unless you followed the steps above to connect to Windows. If this is the case, turn off USB debugging by searching for Developer OptionsUSB debugging and unticking to turn off.

Activating Camo

There's no need to pay to use Camo, and the free edition provides everything you need to use your iPhone as a high-quality webcam. However, if you'd like to unlock all of Camo's power, you can upgrade by clicking the "Upgrade" button on the top-right of Camo Studio.

That'll show a window like the following, with buttons at the bottom to buy a license or activate a license. Clicking "Buy now" will take you to Camo's checkout to buy a license.

Camo Studio's upgrade window
Camo Studio's upgrade window

Once you've bought Camo, you'll receive an email with a username and password for activating Camo. Go back to Camo Studio's Upgrade and select Activate license to enter your credentials and start using Camo Pro.

Camo Studio prompting for license details
Camo Studio prompting for license details

If you've closed the browser window you used to buy Camo, and you can't find the email, search for in your inbox and check your spam. Contact us if you get stuck or need help!

How can we help?

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We aim to reply to all messages within one working day.

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Comments (10)

I'm an Android user. I use Google Pixel 4a. When will you release the app for Android? I have been waiting for a long time. I signed up on the app Page already.

Thank you, we're excited to see what you'll think of it! We'll be sharing it soon.

Can you recommend some clamps to attach the iPhone to the top edge of the screen or monitor!

Hi Tim, sure: check out our guide here.

Hi! Does this work with OBS, is a plug-in needed?

Hi Lorenzo, Camo works fully with OBS. No plugin needed!

Hello! Your app looks wonderful and I wanted to confirm that you have built it to work natively on Apple Silicon architecture without the need for Rosetta 2? Thank you!

Hey Bill, thanks for commenting. We sure have: Camo is fully native on M1s. 🙂

Hi - i've connected my iphone to my monitor (HP z27) via USB. The Camo app is showing 'active' and i can see the video on my MacBook via the camo application but when i join a Meets call i get the 'configure settings' error. Any ideas?


Hi Will, no problem: make sure you restart your browser after installing or updating Camo. That'll deal with this! And do reach out to us any time. 👍

How do I connect with my phone?

Hi Marsha, just plug it into your computer with the same cable it came with. If you get stuck, drop us a note directly and we'll guide you through it!

You have worked hard to get this far - and I want to tell you you are awesome! Beautiful App. Took me all of a minute to decide to purchase!

Thank you!

Is there an integration for Camo with the vMix streaming software?

Hey Kokayi, thanks for commenting. Our understanding is that vMix requires Windows and won't run on a Mac. When we ship the Windows version of Camo we're expecting to support it.

Hey, I was wondering if there was wondering if a version for windows was in the works

Thanks for asking! There is — expect to see it in a few weeks. If you visit the Camo page you'll see you can sign up for the Windows waitlist towards the bottom of the page.

Hello-does Camo work with Mac OS Big Sur yet? Just checking. I'm sure you intend to make it do so eventually.

Thanks! Phil Hubbard

Hi Phil — it does, Big Sur and iOS 14 both! We hope you enjoy it. Reach out if you need help.

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