Using Camo for streaming


If you’re interested in streaming, you’re likely already familiar with software like eCamm, OBS and StreamLabs, which help millions of streamers connect their cameras, create their scenes and broadcast live to platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live. Camo works seamlessly with all of them, and comes highly recommended by the teams at eCamm and OBS as a complement to their software. Streamers of all stripes consider it an essential tool for refining and framing their image, using their smartphone as a powerful wireless webcam, and simplifying the process of connecting and controlling their camera. 

Selecting Camo as a video source within your preferred streaming software is simple, with slight differences from app to app. Once you’ve selected your phone or camera and adjusted, enhanced and framed your image within Camo Studio, just follow these steps to bring the image into eCamm, OBS or StreamLabs:

Using Camo in eCamm

  1. Look for Camo in your Camera Switcher
  2. If you don’t see it, go up to the Camera menu
  3. Make sure it’s checked in cameras included in Switcher
  4. Select it, and you’ll see your stream from Camo
  5. To add your Camo picture as a camera overlay, just select Overlays/New Camera Overlays/Camo Camera
Selecting Camo in eCamm

Using Camo in OBS

  1. Look for source panel
  2. Click on plus symbol
  3. Click on video capture device 
  4. Name it, click ok
  5. In device dropdown, select it, click ok. You’ll see your Camo image, which you can then resize in the OBS canvas. You may also want to check the resolution in the OBS user presets, to ensure that it matches the resolution that Camo is capturing from your camera
Selecting Camo in OBS

Using Camo in Streamlabs

  1. Click on the + in the Sources box
  2. Select Video Capture Device in General Sources, and then Add Source
  3. Toggle on “Add a new source instead, and name it
  4. Click Add Source
  5. Select Camo Camera in the device menu, and set the resolution to match the resolution Camo is using
  6. Click Done, and resize or move the picture as needed in the canvas
Selecting Camo in Streamlabs

If you’re using different streaming software like vMix or, the process of connecting it to Camo should be much the same. Once you’ve selected your camera in Camo and refined its picture, simply choose Camo as your video source in your streaming app, and you should be on your way. 

Grey box: Note that the picture you see in the Camo Studio preview windows is what you will see when Camo is selected as your source. If you’re seeing a different image in your streaming preview, it’s likely that the source you’ve selected is the camera itself, rather than Camo. 

There are many ways to incorporate Camo into your streaming workflow, and we encourage you to experiment. Many streamers pair their phone wirelessly, and take advantage of its easy, untethered mountability to capture top-down video, long shots, and secondary angles. There’s an added benefit to this, especially for gamers: Camo offloads much of the image processing to the phone itself, leaving your computer’s CPU unburdened and free to run other tasks. 

Finally, if you have an iPad, be sure to download our Camo Studio for iPad app and take it for a spin. It combines many of the features of Camo with a full suite of production tools, giving you the power to create scenes, import web overlays, connect multiple video sources (including the iPad’s built-in cameras) and stream straight to your favourite platform.

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