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Camo Studio includes a directory of all the apps it is compatible with, which you can access by clicking Help & Integrations at the top right of Camo Studio. Users should rely on Camo Studio’s directory of apps to see any app-specific instructions for using Camo with their app of choice. The list of compatible apps is also available here.

Camo Studio is already integrated with Zoom
Camo Studio is already integrated with Zoom

Using Camo Studio with pre-integrated apps

Camo is designed to just work, and it achieves that with automatic integrations with a number of different video apps including Zoom and Google Chrome.

There's nothing in particular users need to do to use Camo with these apps, other than restarting them after installing Camo Studio.

If you click into the settings of your favourite videoconferencing app, you should see Reincubate Camo available as a camera, as in the image below.

Zoom's video settings showing Camo
Zoom's video settings showing Camo

Using Camo Studio with apps requiring integration

For apps that aren’t already automatically with Camo, Camo Studio presents an “Install integration” button that will update them to make them work. The app includes a link to explain how this works.

Camo Studio with an integration option
Camo Studio with an integration option

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Any news on when windows version of the option for apple iPhone portrait mode with “depth of field “ being made available. Thanks in advance

It's out already — so long as you have an iPhone Xr or newer, you'll see the option appear in Camo Studio for Windows. 🙂

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