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Camo is designed to be controlled entirely from your computer, using Camo Studio. We've designed it with the assumption that the iOS device might be out of reach when in use or even permanently mounted. It's likely you may want to set up a particular angle for the iOS device's camera, and don't want to regularly move it.

Camo deliberately chooses sensible defaults when it’s first run. As such, most users can simply run Camo and get started with streaming high-quality video immediately. If you want more control, Camo Studio also offers a number of options to alter or improve a user’s video.

Top controls

Camo's top controls in action
Camo's top controls in action

The top bar of Camo Studio offers five controls. From left to right, these are:

  • Hide settings and adjustments. These buttons let you hide or show the settings bars. You'll see one of these on either end of Camo Studio: one for each column of controls.
  • Preview magnification. This allows you to change the size of your video in Camo Studio. You can choose from a variety of magnifications, including scale to fit, which will shrink your feed to fit it into the Camo Studio window, or scale to fill, which will expand your video to fill this window completely.
  • Pausing and resuming the camera. This can also be done with the ⌘ Cmd + ⇧ Shift + ⌥ Option + P hotkey. When your video is paused, your image disappears in Camo Studio, and Camo's blurred pause screen appears on your video call.
  • Help & Integrations. This will take you to the welcome screen, with tips for getting started, support, and integrations to other platforms.
  • Record. This lets you record your camera feed, to create videos. Hit the record button to start and stop recordings, and the dropdown to change your audio option and save location.

Click the dropdown arrow for recording settings
Click the dropdown arrow for recording settings

Camera settings

Using Camo Studio's camera settings
Using Camo Studio's camera settings

Camo Studio offers a number of options for configuring your camera settings. These are:

  • Device: This lets you choose which connected iOS device Camo should take video from. It's possible to connect many iPhones and iPads to a single Mac, and to switch between them during a call with this function. Camo will remember the settings for each device.
  • Mode: This lets you switch between the normal feed and other modes, such as Portrait Mode, Beauty Filter, and other AR Modes. The various modes are only available for certain models.
  • Lens: The lens drop-down allows a user to select any of the front or rear-facing cameras on an iOS device.
  • Focus: This lets you use autofocus, or enable manual focus and select the focus with a slider.
  • Resolution: This drop-down lists all of the resolutions that are available from a given device's lens. In most cases, users will want to choose 1080p or 720p. We have more information on choosing resolutions.
  • Audio: You can use Camo to access your device's microphone, alongside the camera. Camo lets you choose between Stereo and Mono audio. With Mono audio, you can choose between the device's bottom microphone or the microphone near the camera. As with camera options, different devices have different microphone options available.


Changing Camo Studio's presets
Changing Camo Studio's presets

Camo Studio lets you save image adjustments as a preset. We also have a number of stock presets.


Camo's image transformation controls
Camo's image transformation controls

Camo's image transformation controls allow you to remove the Camo watermark, add a custom watermark, mirror and rotate your video, and control zoom, tilt and pan controls.

  • Mirror my video: This horizontally flips your video. We'd recommend using this rather than your video app's mirroring, so that it's consistent. Some video apps incorrectly mirror your preview video, which can be confusing, whereas Camo always shows you what other people will see.
  • Watermark my video: This controls whether or not the Camo watermark is shown on your video feed. You can also add your own watermarks by choosing Custom... and uploading your own. We have a template you can use here.
  • Rotation: This lets you rotate your video feed in 90° adjustments. In almost all cases, it's better to disable orientation lock on your phone and to rotate it. (In part because it's faster for the phone to handle the rotation of the video at source.) However, if you're using your phone in upside-down portrait mode, using this rotation combined with mirroring can work well.
  • Zoom: The zoom slider lets you zoom in on a particular part of your feed, and you can drag the viewport around in that zoomed view.
  • Overlays: Apply overlays to your image. You can choose from premade overlays, edit overlays with your own text and images, and upload custom overlays from in the Overlay Gallery. Access the Gallery via the overlay dropdown or by holding ⇧+⌘+G.

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Comments (2)

Great stuff, thank you!

Is it possible, if not now maybe in the future, to switch between iPhone's various "Portrait" lights, especially "stage" lights which create virtual dark/white backgrounds?

Thank you Henrik! We're going to explore this in future releases. 🙂

Is there any way to switch between the front and the back camera on iPhone and/or iPad.

(I know the back camera has the better resolution, I am just curious)

Hey Erich! Absolutely: use the Lens drop-down in Camo Studio. 🙂

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