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要使用 Camo,您需要在移动设备和计算机上安装它。我们建议先安装移动应用程序。

在您的移动设备上安装 Camo

迷彩可在App StoreGoogle Play Store 上获得。您可以通过搜索“camo”在两者上找到它。

在您的计算机上安装 Camo Studio

将应用程序下载到移动设备后,您可以直接从 Camo 共享计算机应用程序。

  • 要从 iOS 共享到 macOS,请点击“入门”屏幕上的 AirDrop 图标,将桌面应用程序 AirDrop 到您的 Mac。
  • 要共享到 Windows,请在 Android 或 iOS 上的“入门”屏幕中Share Link

或者,您可以在此处下载并解压缩适用于 macOS 的 Camo Studio 和此处为 Windows。

下载 Camo Studio 后,双击 Camo 图标运行

  • 要安装到 Windows,请选中复选框以接受我们的许可协议,然后单击Install
  • 要安装到 Mac,请授予安装权限(它将自己移动到“应用程序”,并安装一个插件以让视频会议应用程序看到它)。
  • 在 Windows 和 Mac 上,Camo Studio 还会询问您是否希望它自动检查更新。我们建议您允许这些,因为我们会定期更新 Camo Studio 以保持与各种视频应用程序的兼容性。


使用 iOS 设备配对 Camo 是自动的,无论您是与 Windows 还是 macOS 配对 — 只需使用标准的闪电 USB 电缆将您的设备插入计算机 — 几秒钟后,您应该会在 Camo 中看到您的 iOS 设备的相机输入工作室。

配对适用于 Android 的 Camo 的步骤取决于您配对的是 Windows 还是 Mac。

在我们当前的测试版中,要将 Android 与 Windows 配对,您需要打开 USB 调试。执行此操作的说明因您使用的 Android 手机而异。我们已经使用三星 Galaxy S20 概述了以下过程。

如果您需要帮助为您的 Android 设备打开 USB 调试,请联系我们,我们将指导您完成特定手机的流程。

将 Android 与 Windows 配对:

  1. 将手机连接到计算机并打开 Camo Studio。您应该看到以下屏幕:

    Camo Studio shows the steps required to connect to Windows
    Camo Studio 显示连接到 Windows 所需的步骤

  2. 在您的 Android 设备上按照以下步骤配置您的设备:

    • 转到Settings ,搜索Build Number并点击它 7 次。

    • 现在在Settings Developer Options ,向下滚动到USB debugging并勾选以打开。

    • 选择Always allow from this computer意味着您只需要执行一次。

将 Android 与 Mac 配对:

您的 Android 应该自动连接到您的 Mac,除非您按照上述步骤连接到 Windows。如果是这种情况,请通过搜索Developer OptionsUSB debugging并取消勾选关闭来关闭 USB 调试。


无需支付使用Camo的费用,免费版可提供将iPhone用作高质量网络摄像头所需的一切。但是,如果您想释放Camo的全部功能,则可以通过单击Camo Studio右上方的“升级”按钮进行升级。


Camo Studio's upgrade window
Camo Studio的升级窗口

购买迷彩后,您会收到一封电子邮件,其中包含用于激活迷彩的用户名和密码。返回Camo Studio的“ Upgrade然后选择“ Activate license以输入您的凭据并开始使用Camo Pro。

Camo Studio prompting for license details
Camo Studio提示输入许可证详细信息




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评论 (10)

I'm an Android user. I use Google Pixel 4a. When will you release the app for Android? I have been waiting for a long time. I signed up on the app Page already.

Thank you, we're excited to see what you'll think of it! We'll be sharing it soon.

Can you recommend some clamps to attach the iPhone to the top edge of the screen or monitor!

Hi Tim, sure: check out our guide here.

Hi! Does this work with OBS, is a plug-in needed?

Hi Lorenzo, Camo works fully with OBS. No plugin needed!

Hello! Your app looks wonderful and I wanted to confirm that you have built it to work natively on Apple Silicon architecture without the need for Rosetta 2? Thank you!

Hey Bill, thanks for commenting. We sure have: Camo is fully native on M1s. 🙂

Hi - i've connected my iphone to my monitor (HP z27) via USB. The Camo app is showing 'active' and i can see the video on my MacBook via the camo application but when i join a Meets call i get the 'configure settings' error. Any ideas?


Hi Will, no problem: make sure you restart your browser after installing or updating Camo. That'll deal with this! And do reach out to us any time. 👍

How do I connect with my phone?

Hi Marsha, just plug it into your computer with the same cable it came with. If you get stuck, drop us a note directly and we'll guide you through it!

You have worked hard to get this far - and I want to tell you you are awesome! Beautiful App. Took me all of a minute to decide to purchase!

Thank you!

Is there an integration for Camo with the vMix streaming software?

Hey Kokayi, thanks for commenting. Our understanding is that vMix requires Windows and won't run on a Mac. When we ship the Windows version of Camo we're expecting to support it.

Hey, I was wondering if there was wondering if a version for windows was in the works

Thanks for asking! There is — expect to see it in a few weeks. If you visit the Camo page you'll see you can sign up for the Windows waitlist towards the bottom of the page.

Hello-does Camo work with Mac OS Big Sur yet? Just checking. I'm sure you intend to make it do so eventually.

Thanks! Phil Hubbard

Hi Phil — it does, Big Sur and iOS 14 both! We hope you enjoy it. Reach out if you need help.


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