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Outstanding, pro-quality video

Camo Pro

Unlock all of Camo’s features


720p (HD) and below

Up to and including 4K (UHD)

Record ultra high resolution video

Smart Zoom

Digital zoom made optical with 4K supersampling. Coming soon to Android.

Image enhancements

Standard mode

Portrait mode

Advanced depth-of-field effect using AR technology

Background Privacy Blur

Full background blur effect to hide your surroundings

Background Replace

Including support for real chroma key/green screens. Coming soon to Android.


Compensate for backlit or under-lit environments. Coming soon to Android.

Cameras & Lenses


Including USB and built-in webcams

Connected DSLRs

iOS and Android phones

Main rear lens

Front selfie camera

All device lenses

Use any lens available on your devices

Focus controls


Manual focus

Frame rate controls

Standard frame rate at 30 fps

Variable frame rate

Up to 60 fps

Light & image adjustments

Light adjustments

Exposure & shutter Speed, ISO, white balance & temperature, tint, flash level

Image adjustments

Brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, gamma, sharpness

Vibrance adjustment

Coming soon to Android


Save and quickly switch between settings configurations

Overlays, watermarks & lower-thirds

Camo watermark toggle

Overlay Gallery

Preloaded with a selection of commonly-used overlays

Overlay Editor

Create custom overlays for your brand or for fun

Video creation

In-app recording

Record videos directly from Camo Studio’s interface. Coming soon to Windows.

Audio controls

Audio input

Audio controls

For phone and third-party microphones. Coming soon to Windows.

Image transformation

Video mirroring

Video stabilisation

Automatic image stabilisation. Coming soon to Android.


Zoom, pan & crop


World-class support

Priority support

Snap AR modes

Experience augmented reality with Camo’s AR modes, powered by Snap.

  • Make your video more accessible and understandable
  • Engage your audience with novel video effects
Learn more

Overlay Editor

Create custom overlays to include your brand or additional information.

  • Customise overlays straight from the gallery
  • Show off your brand and inform your audience
Learn more

Camo Community

Integrate Camo’s functionality into your app or platform.

  • Exclusive streams, guides, and tutorials
  • Periodic updates on the latest news

Camo SDK

Enterprise only

Integrate Camo’s functionality into your app or platform.

  • Work with iOS and Android devices
  • Bring better video to your users
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Which video apps is Camo compatible with?

Lots! More than 40, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, QuickTime, Slack, Discord, WhatsApp and more. You can see the list on our site, or in Camo Studio itself.

Camo will never ask you to run some random command. We’re not like that.

Will Camo impact my privacy or security?

No. Camo doesn’t know what you’re using it for, and doesn’t capture or transmit your feed. Our privacy policy is here, but the tldr is that your data is your business, not ours.

What’s next on Camo’s roadmap?

We didn't stop at 1.0. Recently, we've released support for audio, "portrait mode", custom watermarks, and Windows. There's plenty more coming up next. You can read more in our FAQ.

Do you have non-profit or education discounts?

We do offer discounts for students and those working in education or for non-profit organisations. Please get in touch to find out more.

How is Camo different?

Camo gives you control of everything from your Mac — with rich image adjustments — and it does all the processing on your iOS device, freeing up your computer’s power for work. It has a beautiful native app with Dark Mode support and full iPad support. It has up-to-the-minute compatibility with over 40 apps, and detailed guides on everything from mounts to calls.

Camo doesn’t bother you with complicated and unreliable drivers. It doesn’t have an insecure pairing process — or ads! — and it doesn’t force you to rate it in the App Store. It’s got a built-in uninstaller should you wish to remove it: no need to run cryptic Terminal commands.

We wrote about why we built Camo.

How does Continuity Camera compare?

Camo and Continuity Camera share an original thought: that you can achieve great video using just the camera you already have in your pocket.

Camo started from this idea and in the years since has been continuously improved and upgraded. Using a great camera gives you a solid foundation to build from, but there’s still a lot more to looking incredible on video.

Check out our comparison of Camo and Continuity Camera to find out more.

How can I mount my iPhone as a webcam?

We bought every type of phone mount on Amazon, and tried them all. We photographed the lot of them, and wrote up our experiences and recommendations here.

What is Camo compatible with?

Camo is compatible with any iOS device running iOS 12 or above, so you could run it on an iPod Touch just as well as your iPhone 15 Pro. Or iPad Pro.

It’ll run on any Mac with macOS 10.15 or newer, and on any PC with Windows 10 or newer. We’ve made sure it runs on 2012 MacBook Pros and the 2015 12" MacBook. Zoom won’t even let you use virtual backgrounds on them, but Camo’s fine.

Camo is compatible with iOS 17 and macOS 14. It is optimized for Apple Silicon.

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