What’s the difference?

Camo vs Continuity Camera

What is Continuity Camera?

Apple’s Continuity Camera is a feature of macOS Ventura. It lets Mac users use the cameras on their iPhone as a webcam on their computer – just like they can with Camo!

It’s an extension of previous functionality which enabled iPhone users to select pictures and take new photos to send straight to their Mac. Now, it enables real-time use of video from an iPhone by apps running in macOS.

How is Camo different from Continuity Camera?

A foundational idea behind Camo was to make the most of the best cameras people already owned: those made with the incredible technology crammed into their iPhones. This is the main idea for Continuity Camera, too.

Camo has gone far beyond this initial inspiration since its debut in 2020, as it aspires to enable everyone to create great video experiences with ease, across Macs and Windows computers, and without expensive equipment. This means supporting a broad range of devices, including phones as old as the iPhone 5s and Android devices of all shapes and sizes, and letting the user decide what setup is best for them.

A key component of a Camo setup is Camo Studio. From here, you can adjust, control, and compose your image to be exactly how you want it. Share more about yourself or your brand using overlays. Swap between different devices, lenses, modes, resolutions, and frame rates. Crop, pan, and rotate for the sharpest shot. Preview your video, and start recording in one click. And it keeps getting better, and better.

Continuity Camera is built into the operating system, which affords certain conveniences but also comes with restrictions: you can’t use it with AirPlay or managed iCloud accounts, your device might disconnect from Wi-Fi and fallback to cellular data while in-use, and hotspots or internet sharing won’t work. It is intrinsically tied to the platform and it’s goals as a whole.

Camo, on the other hand, plays by the same rules as any other app on your device; there aren’t any shortcuts to take, or restrictions it can apply. This comes with many up-sides: regular updates with improvements and new features, broad platform compatibility as standard, and support from a dedicated and experienced team.

Here’s how we think Camo and macOS’s Continuity Camera compare.


  • Works with iPhone 5s and newer
  • Runs on macOS High Sierra and later (Macs from 2010 and later)
  • Compatible with any iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 12 or later
  • Runs on Windows computers
  • Works with Android devices
  • Wireless video across all platforms
  • Use any lens on your device
  • Variable frame rates, up to 60 fps
  • Broad range of image adjustments
  • Live preview and local recording
  • Overlay gallery and built-in editor
  • Smart Zoom, video stabilisation, and virtual rotation
  • Global pause, device audio, zoom, rotation, mirroring, and presets
  • Offloads processing burden from your computer to your phone
  • Great for enterprise use-cases
  • Expert, dedicated support

How are they the same?

  • Enable amazing video using your phone as a webcam
  • Run on macOS Ventura
  • Native compatibility with all apps running on macOS
  • Wireless video from iPhone to Mac
  • Bokeh “Portrait mode”
  • Respect your privacy, no tracking and no ads

Continuity Camera

  • Works with iPhone XR and newer (requires iOS 16)
  • Runs on macOS Ventura
    (Macs from 2017 and later)
  • Launches automatically on iPhone when in use on a nearby Mac
  • Desk View, Studio Light, and Centre Stage modes
  • Mac and iPhone must be logged in to the same iCloud account
  • Cannot be used with managed iCloud accounts
  • Incompatible with AirPlay, Sidecar, mobile hotspots, and Wi-Fi sharing
  • May disconnect your device from Wi-Fi and fallback to cellular data

Why would I use Continuity Camera over Camo?

You can think of Continuity Camera as a pared-down version of Camo, limited to modern Mac and iOS platforms. It sports a handful of useful modes, such as Studio Light and Centre Stage, which can simplify day-to-day calls.

Since Continuity Camera is built into the platform, it is able to access system features that are not available to standard apps. This includes functionality to automatically activate “webcam mode” on your phone, as well as lower-latency streaming.

For occasional video callers on macOS, Continuity Camera represents a solid step up from the typical video experience. For many others, it will be a useful way to explore whether using their iPhone as a webcam is a good fit for them.

Why would I use Camo over Continuity Camera?

Camo is an incredibly simple way to realise the vast potential of your phone as a webcam, and it’s free to use.

Camo has been in the business of enabling stand-out video for years – now supporting all major platforms and apps. In that time, we’ve gained tons of experience with the challenges facing our users – from mounting a device, looking your best on calls, to tips on lighting, and setting up your scene – and use that knowledge to continuously improve our app.

Camo is about choice. With Camo, you choose your devices and platform. You decide whether to charge up and enjoy optimal video streaming with a wired connection, or to get creative and go mobile via Wi-Fi. And, you control your image, taking your video to the next level with features like: crop, orientation, individual light and camera settings, video stabilisation, high-frame rate recording, custom overlays, Smartzoom, and more.

Beyond our focus on the app, what we do is underpinned by our values. We hope these are evident in the quality of our work, the help and support we offer our users, how we communicate, and in our team’s expertise.

Using your phone as a webcam is an effective first step to incredible video, Camo will help you take the next ten.

How to get Continuity Camera for Windows?

Only iOS and macOS users will be able to use Continuity Camera when it is released later this year.

However, Camo has full support for Windows already and lets you connect both iPhones and Android devices to your computer. Plus, this functionality is available today – give it a try for free.

How to get Continuity Camera for Android?

Continuity Camera is limited to Mac and iOS users. Camo, on the other hand, works for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android; in any combination you like.

Discover how to use the amazing cameras on your Android device with Camo. Try the free edition today.

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