Introducing Camo 1.4: Overlays and Recording

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A little over a year ago we launched Camo with a simple-sounding goal: giving people video superpowers. That meant video quality far in excess of any webcam or entry-level DSLR at a fraction of the cost, with better software and less hassle. Since then, we’ve gone deeper, and Camo’s been helping people to look amazing and present well, on streams, webinars and recordings.

Camo exists to help you:

  • Control your image, authentically and with high fidelity, taking advantage of the incredible devices that you already own
  • Present, record, produce and stream fluently, with the services, apps and devices you want to use
  • Do what needs to be done without a team of helpers or new equipment, cost-effectively and intuitively

Today we’re excited to be launching the next steps in Camo’s development with two new features: high-quality recording, directly in Camo Studio, and a new, customisable overlay system.


Camo’s new recording functionality allows users to easily record high-quality video or stills from their feed.

Recording in Camo makes it easy to create video content. Using Camo, you can apply all of your image adjustments and presets, and record content directly from Camo Studio. With the release of Camo 1.4, recording is now freely available to all macOS users, and it will be appearing later this year on Windows.

You can use local recording to create videos directly in Camo, to record live streaming sessions, or to help you practice your delivery on video. Record videos by clicking the record icon at the top of Camo Studio. Click the dropdown to change where the file will be saved or select a different audio input.


Another feature coming in 1.4 is overlays, to replace the watermarks included in previous releases. Overlays offer more functionality, and improved usability.

There’s now an overlay gallery in Camo Studio, where you can choose from pre-made overlays, edit these using your own text, icons and banners, and create your own overlays to use in Camo.

Overlays can also be automatically customised within Camo Studio, and users can switch between different overlays using keyboard and macOS shortcuts.

We created overlays to give you an extra layer of control to your image. Whether you’re using overlays to promote your company during presentations, help viewers remember your brand during live streams, or add structure to your lessons, overlays can help you refine your video.

We’re really excited to be releasing these new features, and can't wait to see how our users will make use of them. We’ve got lots more on the list to continue to make Camo even better, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve already shipped as well as all that’s coming next.

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