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We've rounded up the most frequently asked questions on iPhone Backup Extractor here.

Do I need iTunes to use iPhone Backup Extractor?

No, you don't need iTunes in order to be able to use iPhone Backup Extractor.

iPhone Backup Extractor will automatically search in the default iTunes backup location for your backups. However, the software doesn't require that iTunes is installed on the computer on which you use it. You can copy your backups to another machine and use iPhone Backup Extractor there. It is possible to extract on Windows from a backup made under macOS, and vice-versa.

Working with iCloud backups or data does not have any reliance on iTunes.

Is data recovered with iPhone Backup Extractor forensically sound?

Yes, it is. Files exported in expert mode are not manipulated in any way in the backup or reading process. Data-sheets and further information is available for investigators on request.

As well as a number of private forensics and recovery agencies, we have police and state forensics labs using our software around the world, from US Congress-funded law enforcement training programmes to the UK South Yorkshire Police, the German Polizei Hamburg Forensische and the Danish National High Tech Crime Center.

Does iPhone Backup Extractor work with older iCloud backups, from iOS 7, 8, 9 and so on?

Yes it does. Support for all versions of iCloud backups is built-in to iPhone Backup Extractor.

Will use of iPhone Backup Extractor lock my iCloud account?

No, it won't. We publish more information on locked iCloud accounts, and how we prevent them occurring here and here.

How effective is iPhone data recovery with iPhone Backup Extractor?

Very. We benchmarked our recovery of deleted data against the leading forensics tools, and the results are impressive.

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