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Aidan Fitzpatrick

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License types and features

We describe the different plans for Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor in its feature comparison table. Broadly speaking, this is how it works:

  • The free edition is designed to help you do pretty much everything you need
  • The paid editions automate some of the functionality and unlock deeper access to the iCloud.

Why not take the free version for a spin?

We use a subscription model to license our software for several reasons:

Fanatical support: we want to be able to support users extremely well. We'll get on a screenshare with you. We'll help you recover your passcode. We'll pull apart your corrupt backup for you. We couldn't afford to retain a high-quality support team (we don't use an outsourced company!) if we sold licenses that were open-ended.

Backup data keeps changing: iPhone Backup Extractor isn't a "make it once and its done" app that suits a one-off license. Many things change, often:

  • Apple tend to tweak iPhone backup formats each year.
  • iCloud data storage formats change 3 - 6 times per year.
  • Apps change how they store data whenever they want. For instance, WhatsApp might tweak how they store messages several times a year.

If you use iPhone Backup Extractor, you want to be confident it'll support the data and services you use. So we tend to ship updates once a week or so: check out our release notes, and we build and maintain cloud-services that help iPhone Backup Extractor run well, and keep up with the rate of change.

New features: it's not just that we're updating iPhone Backup Extractor with support for newer formats of data: we also regularly update with new features. These are highlighted with a blue icon in our release notes -- and you'll see there are dozens of them every year.

Payment methods we accept

Customers can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or by PayPal. We process card payments using Stripe.

To complete a purchase using the credit card, users must enter their email addresses and billing information, including their address. Users choosing to purchase by PayPal will be guided to log in to PayPal to complete the process. Payments are fully secured with SSL.

VAT and taxes

European visitors will notice on the purchase page that a value-added tax (VAT) field is shown. We are required to charge VAT at a specific rate. The VAT rates are based on the location of the customer.

If buying on behalf of a business with a credit card, please fill out the company name field and VAT ID for proper tax handling.

Our approach to refunds

Delighting customers is one of our core values, and since Reincubate was founded in 2008, we've put our ❤️ and time into building a product that delights customers, and done our utmost to satisfy them.

Reincubate is a small company based in London, England, and is blessed with some of the world's most stringest data protection and software regulation. We're not a massive, faceless corporation, and neither are we building an inexpensive product offshore. In fact, you'll have been sent our founder Aidan's personal email address in your order confirmation email.

Revenue from our software goes into our substantial ongoing R&D programme. The fruits of this are shown in our recognition by the Queen and our intense update schedule.

Our terms and conditions (see section 13) describe our refund guarantee in detail. It states that we refund within 30 days of purchase if the software hasn't been used, or if there is a fault we cannot resolve.

As we really want to delight customers, our support team assess refund requests more leniently with these in mind:

  • If our software provided value it should be fairly recognised 🤝
  • It's vital users give us the opportunity and information needed to help resolve problems, both to help them and others ♻️
  • The free version of our software exists to allow users to get a feel for what data is present and can be recovered 🙏

Refunds can be requested by contacting the support team.

About the author

Aidan Fitzpatrick founded Reincubate in 2008 after building the world's first iPhone data recovery tool, iPhone Backup Extractor. He's spoken at Google on entrepreneurship, and is a graduate of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation's Leadership Academy.

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