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We're delighted to announce that Reincubate was chosen for the Smarta 100 "best people business" award.

The Smarta 100 is an annual celebration of the most resourceful, inspiring and disruptive small businesses in the UK. The Smarta 100, in partnership with O2, seeks to find the best businesses in the UK. Smarta is not just looking for those who make the most money, but the businesses that have the most original ideas and make a true difference. Smarta wants to find the beacons of enterprising Britain, the small firms that are pushing the economic recovery forward, be it a brilliant social enterprise, an inspiring young tech start-up or a small manufacturer.

The team at Smarta had this to say:

Reincubate found an easy way to create a fun and inviting working environment. On arrival, every new member of the team is greeted with an Aeron chair, a free t-shirt and a nerf gun. How much easier would your Monday morning be if it started with a quick shot across the room at a co-worker?

Working with huge brands including Nintendo, TFL and Universal, through their advertising partners, Reincubate has built a successful business and kept a brilliant emphasis on engaging and challenging its staff.

Among Reincubate’s impressive list of tech achievements is the creation of the first product able to recover files from iPhone backups. We’re thrilled to see a small business that’s working with such huge names, making sure their staff grow with the business and giving them the chance to have fun.

This Smarta 100 list captures the cream of UK small business, this year’s Smarta 100 are a credit to entrepreneurial Britain. While two-thirds are self-funded, the list are turning over £67m, generating profits of £12m and have created more than 900 jobs.”

Piers Linney, Dragons’ Den investor and founder of Outsourcery, said:

“It's fantastic to see such range and depth of innovative business ideas spread throughout the Smarta 100 together with O2. It's inspiring to know Britain is producing so many disruptive and forward-thinking enterprises that are making a positive impact on the UK economy and helping to reduce unemployment.”

Shaa Wasmund, Smarta founder, said:

“Once again I’ve been left open-mouthed at the number of high-quality small businesses operating in Britain. Now it’s time for us to give them the exposure they deserve.”

Ben Dowd, business director, Telefonica UK at O2, said:

“I'm thrilled to see so many innovative British businesses disrupting established companies, and taking advantage of digital technology to grow and thrive. The range of inspiring ideas on show throughout the Smarta 100 together with O2 proves the entrepreneurial movement in the UK is increasing in strength, and we will no doubt see the UK economy grow as a result.”

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  • iCloud and iTunes encryption support
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Recently, we've reached the two million iPhone Backup Extractor users milestone, and received feedback like:

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