BlackBerry Desktop 7 released — again

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BlackBerry Desktop Software 7 has been relaunched after its less-than-successful first appearance in February.

The frustrating "Preparing Sync Preview" hang and other bugs meant RIM were forced to roll-back the update embarrassingly soon after the official BDS 7 release. Many users that installed BDS 7 on their Windows PCs also created BBB backups, which replaced the traditional IPD format. As this was a new format -- unsupported by BDS 6 -- users had issues restoring their data back onto BlackBerrys when they downgraded.

We created a useful guide to help anyone that was faced with the strange new BBB backup format. It looks like RIM have now fixed these bugs some three months later and BlackBerry Desktop Software 7 for Windows is available for download again.

Count on BlackBerry Backup Extractor to extract BB backup data

We updated BlackBerry Backup Extractor in March so that it could view all types of BlackBerry backups, whether they are the original macOS .BBB-format backups, original Windows .IPD-format backups, or the new, unified .BBB v2 format backups.

If anything goes wrong with your BB backup, here's our guide on how to read BBB backup files with BlackBerry Backup Extractor.

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