A result is a record of data or a file that has been published to a storage bucket. It contains the information necessary to retrieve this data from its storage location.


name type description
id result ID Resource identifier.
resource string, always result Resource type specifier.
task task ID The task the result is associated with.
identifier string An identifier for the contents of the published data.
url string The storage config url this result was published to.
checksum string The md5 checksum of the stored data.
size int The size of the published data, in bytes.
state string One of: available, consumed, expired.
date_created datetime When the resource was created.
date_consumed datetime When the result was acknowledged as consumed.
date_deleted datetime When the result was removed from the storage location by the API.


The result is ready to be downloaded from the bucket.
The result has been downloaded and the API has been informed.
The result has been deleted from the bucket by a scheduled cleanup. This state does not apply to client-owned buckets.

Retrieve GET /results/{result ID}

Using cURL

curl<result ID> \
  -H 'Authorization: Token <your key_token>'

Using ricloud-py

import ricloud

results = ricloud.Result.retrieve(<result ID>)

List GET /results

Results in the states consumed or expired do not appear in the list by default.


name type description
task task ID Filter by the associated task.
state string Filter by the result state.

Using cURL

curl \
  -H 'Authorization: Token <your key_token>'

Using ricloud-py

import ricloud

results = ricloud.Result.list()

Acknowledge GET /results/{result ID}/ack

Acknowledge the result as having been consumed.

Using cURL

curl<result ID>/ack \
  -H 'Authorization: Token <your key_token>'

Using ricloud-py

import ricloud

result = ricloud.Result.acknowledge_with_id(<result ID>)

# OR

result = ricloud.Result.retrieve(<result ID>)


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