The event resource describes the payload of requests sent to your webhook receiver. The API keeps a record of previously sent events which you can query for through the standard resource interface.

The API will attempt to deliver events to your webhook receiver up to 5 times over the course of a few hours.


name type description
id string Resource identifier.
resource string, always event Resource type identifier.
type string The type of resource this event relates to. Most often, this will be task.
action string The action that occurred which lead to this event being sent, i.e. completed.
data nested resource The resource instance the event is related to.
state string One of: pending, delivered, failed.
retries int The number of times the API has retried delivery of the event.
date_created datetime When the resource was created.
date_delivered datetime When the event was delivered to your webhook receiver.


  • session.expired: the session has been marked as expired.
  • poll.created: the poll has been created.
  • poll.completed: the poll has finished processing and all results have been published.
  • task.created: the poll sub-task has been created.
  • task.succeeded: the poll sub-task has completed successfully.
  • task.failed: the poll sub-task encountered an error.


An event's action attribute describes the change that occurred to the resource, such as created, succeeded or failed.


The data field will contain the entirety of the resource related to the event. This includes the resource attributes nested.


The event is still in the process of being delivered.
The event has been received by a webhook receiver.
The event could not be delivered after retries.

Retrieve GET /events/{event ID}

Using cURL

curl<event ID> \
  -H 'Authorization: Token <your key_token>'

Using ricloud-py

import ricloud

event = ricloud.Event.retrieve(<event ID>)

List GET /events

name type description
type string Filter by event type.
action string Filter by event action.
state string Filter by event state.
date_created datetime filter Filter by resource creation datetime.
date_delivered datetime filter Filter by event delivery datetime.

Using cURL

curl \
  -H 'Authorization: Token <your key_token>'

Using ricloud-py

import ricloud

polls = ricloud.Event.list()

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