• Improves data consistency for the ios_messages.messages data module by implementing additional fallback and inference when determining which conversation a message relates to. This patches over issues with source data that has not been smoothly migrated across app and iOS updates over time.


  • Adds support for until filtering to polls and subscriptions on the Relay service. This extends the existing since filter to allow for specifying a period of interest for data retrieval.


  • Adds ability to modify default subscription interval for rirelay service subscriptions. Previously, as rirelay subscriptions are push-based, the interval was set at 24 hours for all subscriptions. Note, this is the interval by which the Reincubate Relay application will be instructed to ask a device for updated data, therefore the device must be connected within this time interval for a poll to be triggered. The default interval is now 24 hours for rirelay.source sources, with a minimum interval of 1 hour.
  • Improves the rirelay service progressive polling mechanism. This helps minimise the amount of duplicate data published in subsequent poll results.
  • Fixes issue with ordering of list items for certain resources.


  • Adds support for signed URLs. This adds the signed_urls_enabled and signed_urls_expiry on the storage config object to toggle generation of signed URLs for results and how long the signed URLs should be active.
  • Adds the signed_url attribute to the result object. This is a nested dictionary containing the signed URL in the url attribute and when it expires in date_expires.
  • Adds the ability to acknowledge results in batches with the new POST /results/ack endpoint.
  • Adds first_name, last_name, and full_name to the root of info_type:icloud.account.
  • Fixes a bug with path prefixes in S3 storage configs.
  • Ports over updates to the proxy allocation mechanism. This improves allocation efficiency by assigning iCloud accounts to emptiest proxy available.
  • Fixes issue with Reincubate Relay service subscription deletion.


  • The API version can now be specified in one of two ways:

    • Via the api_version attribute on the organisation object.
    • By including the Ricloud-Version header in requests.

    This coincides with the first major changes in the API. All existing organisations will by default use the older version of the API.

  • Major The results attribute of the poll object is now a nested list object, rather than a simple list attribute. This makes it possible to paginate results when a poll publishes a large number of results.


    "id": <poll ID>,
    "resource": "poll",
    "results": {
        "data": [{
            "resource": "result",
        "has_more": False,
        "total_count": 1,
        "url": "/polls/<poll ID>/results"


    "id": <poll ID>,
    "resource": "poll",
    "results": [{
        "resource": "result",
  • Major The results attribute of the task object is now a nested list object, rather than a simple list attribute.
  • Major The children attribute of the source object is now a nested list object, rather than a simple list attribute.
  • Major The storage_configs and webhook_configs attributes of the organisation object are now a nested list object, rather than a simple list attribute.


  • Adds the Reincubate Relay service. This allows for data retrieval from Reincubate Relay apps running on users' machines. This adds two new source types: rirelay.instance and rirelay.source.
  • Adds the subscription object to control periodic and scheduled polling patterns.
  • Adds the subscription attribute to the poll object to indicate whether the poll was triggered by a subscription.
  • The state attribute of the task object can now have the value suspended. This indicates that the API is awaiting completion of actions by the Reincubate Relay application, such as a file upload or metadata update, for it to resume and complete the task.


  • The poll object payload attribute can now be composed of multiple operation types. This means a poll can be created with any or all of info-types, data-types and files in the payload.
  • Major The type attribute on the poll object is deprecated in favour of composable poll payloads.


Initial release of v3 the Reincubate Cloud API.

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