Sunsetting Video Converter & Recover Files

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We shipped Video Converter back in December 2012, and followed up with our file undeletion app — Recover Files — in February the subsequent year.

Video Converter proved especially helpful for users of iPhone Backup Extractor where they extracted content suitable for an Apple platform, but wanted to use it on their Windows PCs. It also helped when transcoding video and media files for watching on their iPhones or iPads.

Recover Files fit well with our work helping users recover lost and deleted data from backups. Where users had corrupted disks, or accidentally deleted files, it proved to be a valuable companion, and we were delighted to get enthusiastic feedback from users successfully recovering data from NTFS, FAT 32 and USB drives.

In developing, releasing, and supporting these apps, we’ve learned plenty about supporting a suite of desktop apps, and the best way we can support and deliver value to our users. We want to ensure we can focus on providing a greater experience to users, and concentrating on a single desktop product — at least, for now — will help us do that.

As such, we’ve taken the decision to sunset Video Converter and Recover Files, and to migrate some of their functionality to iPhone Backup Extractor over time.

We’ll continue to support existing customers with these products, and our pre-existing refund promise is unaffected.

If you land on this page looking for a file recovery product, we highly recommend Christophe Grenier's excellent (and free) testdisk. Similarly, if you are looking for a newer replacement for Video Converter, we recommend HandBrake. It's also free.

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