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Does Camo Studio for iPad support keyboard shortcuts?

If you connect a keyboard to your iPad, there are a number of shortcuts you can use to control your scenes, start/end a recording or stream, and more. Pressing the Command key in Camo Studio will bring up a window showing your shortcut options — here they are for your reference:

CMD + number - switch to scene in the number position

CMD + , - open settings

CMD + n - new scene

CMD + i - import scene

del - delete scene

CMD + SHIFT + d - duplicate scene

CMD + SHIFT + f - toggle full screen

CMD + OPT + g - open scene gallery

CMD + OPT + p - toggle stream panel

CMD + OPT + h - open help

CMD + ] - next scene

CMD + [ - previous scene

CMD + r - toggle recording

CMD + l - toggle streaming

CMD + OPT + number - switch to stream panel in the number position

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