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Camo Studio offers a wide range of video sources you can connect to, including mobile devices, dedicated cameras and gaming consoles. In addition to these is "Apps on this iPad," which enables you to use to stream or record your screen as you interact with other iPad apps. Using the iPad as your primary source, you can do anything from gaming to conducting app-based tutorials, while recording or streaming the footage with Camo.

Creating a scene for screen recording

As soon as you select "Apps on this iPad" as your video source, you'll see the placeholder appear in your scene. Note that its frame will be in the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad screen, rather than the 16:9 of your recording or stream. If you wish, you can expand it manually to fill the screen completely, but this will crop the top and bottom parts of your screen capture.

For best results, we recommend choosing an attractive background for the canvas, and then placing your frame in its centre. As with other scene elements, you can round its corners, adjust its opacity and add a border in the layers tool.

Adding picture-in-picture

If you have an M1 iPad or later, and would like to add video of yourself to your screen recording or stream, just select your device in the secondary source setting. Once you do so, the video feed will appear in the canvas, and you can refine and frame it using the image enhancement and layer tools. Your options for placing it will differ from those of other types of scenes - even if you place your secondary feed outside the frame of the screen recording, it will move inside of the corners of the iPad screen as soon as you move from Camo to the other app.

Recording or streaming with screen capture

Once you've placed the primary iPad source in your scene, positioned your picture-in-picture window in one of its corners and added any additional elements, you can see what your screen capture will look like by tapping on "Activate Screen Capture" in the source settings and "Start Broadcast" in the subsequent window. Once you're happy with how your scene will look, just press the Record or Streaming button at the top of the interface in Camo. You can then exit the Camo app and move to the app you'll be using.

As you move around your iPad during screen capture, your picture-in-picture window will stay with you, and you can move it to any corner of the frame, or even hide it in one of the edges, to be revealed as needed. If your audio source is set to the iPad microphone in Camo, viewers will be able to hear your voice, as well as any sounds from the app you're in. Just note that you may need to lower the volume on your iPad to achieve the best audio balance.

Once you've finished, you can end your screen recording either by returning to Camo Studio and selecting 'Stop Screen Capture' in the Primary Source Settings, or by tapping directly on the red screen capture icon at the top of the screen from where you are in the iPad. To end your Camo stream or recording, just tap on the corresponding button at the top of the Camo interface. If you're recorded your session, the video will be saved to your designated location.

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