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Aidan Fitzpatrick

By Aidan Fitzpatrick


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So, you've just bought iPhone Backup Extractor? Awesome! Let's help you get running.

We've got a video that guides you through the process. We've changed the graphics a little since then, but the process is the same.

Activation is a straightforward process:

1. Check your inbox after buying

Once you've bought the software, you'll automatically be sent a confirmation email with details of how to log in to your account. The email also has an attached receipt for your purchase.

If you don't see the email, there could be two reasons:

  • It's landed in your spam. Check there. The subject will be something like "iPhone Backup Extractor payment receipt and instructions", and it'll be from the "" domain.
  • You paid with PayPal and your PayPal email address is not what you expect. When you pay with PayPal, the only contact details we get for you are what PayPal send us. Some users have older or incorrect email addresses on file with PayPal. If this was you, and you can't access the email account they used, reach out to our support team and we'll help.
  • You paid with PayPal's eCheque system. This is a strange system that PayPal uses which lets a customer pay us with a virtual check. However, the "check" doesn't clear for two weeks, and it can be cancelled at any time in that period. Purchases made with eCheques don't complete until the cheque has cleared, so we recommend avoiding them. We've included a screenshot at the bottom of this article to show you what the email looks like

2. Use the activation dialog in iPhone Backup Extractor

Once you've got Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor installed, click the "Activate" button in the top right of the screen. That'll let you enter your account details.

If you're already activated, you won't see an "Activate" message. Instead, it'll say "License". You can click on that, choose "Deactivate", and then activate again. That should get you going.

Don't forget, if you have any problems you can reach out to the support team by email or live chat. We've got you. 👊

Here's what that confirmation email from step 1 looks like:

iPhone Backup Extractor's activation email
iPhone Backup Extractor's activation email

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Aidan Fitzpatrick founded Reincubate in 2008 after building the world's first iPhone data recovery tool, iPhone Backup Extractor. He's spoken at Google on entrepreneurship, and is a graduate of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation's Leadership Academy.

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