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Aidan, the founder and CEO of Reincubate, is available for quotes, interviews and podcasts. Previous interviews covered topics including trust and privacy (video), and entrepreneurship and the company's origins (video).

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Reincubate is an indie British software company, focused on helping users get more from their Apple devices and data.

Writing about Camo?

Look amazing on video calls. Use your iPhone or iPad as a pro webcam and get powerful effects and adjustments for Zoom, Meet, and more.

What’s special about Camo?

  • Using Camo with a recent iPhone or Android device will give users better video quality than any webcam on the market. Modern phone cameras are incomparably better than the camera in any internal or external webcam.
  • Camo’s aim is to get users as close as possible to the quality they’d get with a $2,500 DSLR + Cam Link setup — without the cost.
  • Camo is suitable for non-technical users, doesn’t include intrusive ads, and offers an extensive set of features for creating amazing experiences and high quality video.

Writing about iPhone Backup Extractor?

Extract, transfer and recover messages, photos, contacts, location data, and more. Recover deleted content from iPhone backups and iCloud. Remove lost Screen Time passcodes.

What's special about iPhone Backup Extractor?

  • iPhone Backup Extractor was the world’s first consumer tool for accessing iPhone data, and the first to introduce encryption support, iCloud access, and an API.
  • In a world with increasing concern around tech companies collecting and selling personal data, iPhone Backup Extractor empowers individuals to access data held on them by tech companies.
  • iPhone Backup Extractor has been used in a number of studies, including this one from Columbia Journalism Review and nearly 30 academic papers.

Images and logos


Reincubate's logo
Camo logo
iPhone Backup Extractor logo

Camo Studio on macOS interface

Camo Studio
Camo Studio in Dark Mode
Camo Studio's welcome screen
Camo Studio's integrations screen
Camo Studio's upgrade message
Camo in Zoom
Installing Camo Studio
Camo's menu

Camo Studio on Windows interface

Camo Studio on Windows
Camo Studio in Dark Mode

Camo on iOS interface

Camo's welcome screen
Camo's help screen
Using Camo on iOS

Camo on Android interface

Camo's welcome screen
Camo's help screen
Using Camo on Android

Image quality comparisons

iPhone 11 Pro with Camo quality
Logitech C920 webcam quality
2019 16" MacBook Pro camera quality

Using Camo with a mounted phone

Using Camo with a flexible arm
Using Camo with a sticker mount
Using Camo with a tripod

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