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iPhone Backup Extractor released

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Today's releases sees full iOS 4.3 support and a whole bunch of further improvements to exported contacts.

  • Feature iOS 4.3 support! Apple made several minor back-end data changes in iOS 4.3. We've made sure iPhone Backup Extractor is fully up to date with these changes and can extract from all databases created in any iOS and iTunes version.
  • Feature iPhone Backup Extractor now features a process that can extract encoded contact information in vCards when non-ASCII characters are present. This is great for importing contacts that contain multiple languages or non-western characters.
  • Improvement The application has improved vCard (.vcf) functionality when extracting data. This includes several changes to the way formatting is handled and helps users import contacts into Outlook more effectively.
  • Fix When extracting vCards in earlier versions of iPhone Backup Extractor, Windows raised errors when names in the AddressBook database were too long for Windows to handle. This has now been fixed and vCards file names are now limited to 50 characters, with a dupe-free process to add extra file protection.

iPhone Backup Extractor released

1 features

Many people use our application to recover or move their contacts from their iPhone or iTunes via the iTunes backup files. We offer two ways of extracting the data so it can be moved to contact manager applications like Outlook, Entourage or Gmail.

One of these ways is with CSV files, which can be exported well into any of these systems. The second is via vCard (.vcf files); we export vCards because they're easy to use and familiar to many of our users. However we have found that Outlook in particular has trouble opening single .vcf files containing more than one contact.

To remedy this, we've just launched an extra option to use when exporting contacts. Contacts can now be exported, split over many vCard files, and this is now the default. Options for CSV and "one big vCard" are still available in the top menu as before. These are saved into a "Contacts" folder at the location chosen in the application.

  • Feature Export as VCard now lets you export many single cards as well as one big one.

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