Aidan Fitzpatrick

Aidan Fitzpatrick

Founder, CEO

Aidan Fitzpatrick founded Reincubate in 2008 after building the world’s first tool for iOS data recovery, enabling users to securely manage their data while growing a values-led enterprise committed to integrity, thoughtfulness, and innovation.

With a focus on authentic communication, Reincubate is dedicated to consumer privacy. The company does not track or sell user data.

A software engineer, angel investor, entrepreneur, and author who started his first company at 14, Fitzpatrick led Reincubate to win the UK’s highest business honour twice.

Mobile Forensics

Sought for his talent and expertise, Fitzpatrick’s work and the techniques he has pioneered have been cited in over 20 academic papers on mobile forensics, including:

  • "iPhone 3GS Forensics: Logical Analysis Using Apple iTunes Backup Utility" (Bader, M & Baggli, I, 2010)
  • "OS Forensic Investigative Methods" (Zdziarski, J, 2013)
  • "Overcoming Forensic Implications with Enhancing Security in iOS" (Gangula, MR, 2019)
  • "Direct Message Extraction for Automatic Emotional Inference and Drug Detection" (Fong, G, 2019)


Building software since the ‘90s, Fitzpatrick created the world’s first tool for iOS data recovery in 2008. He runs a number of skunkworks projects each year, from which products like Reincubate’s Camo have emerged.

He has served as CTO at Artspages, supplying Apple with music for the iTunes Store, and ultimately building the largest SAN in Norway at the time. In his work as European Development Manager at CNET, Fitzpatrick led technical teams across Europe (London, Munich, Paris) and key projects including unification of EU publishing systems. He served as CTO at Wiggle through to its $230m breakout exit.


Helping to build companies since 2004, Fitzpatrick is an angel investor who has supported the phenomenal growth of Wiggle, renewable energy projects, music, band tours, product development, apps and software.

Community Support

As a values-led business and tech leader, Fitzpatrick supports his local and professional communities through service. He was on EO's Governance Committee for 3 years, was seconded to its Standing Finance Committee, and ran its UK chapter. He was founding chair of the Met Police’s Ward Panel for Pool of London, and of a local residents' association. He has been a non-exec director on several corporate boards, and enjoys being both a mentor and a mentee.


Fitzpatrick wrote “So, you want to work in tech?” a guide for aspiring tech and product people, in 2016.

Presenter & Contributor

A well-regarded expert, Fitzpatrick has been invited to speak at Google and has been published in Computer Weekly, Wired, The Standard, ZDnet, The Daily Mail, BBC News, FT, The Telegraph, and more.

Aidan Fitzpatrick

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