BlackBerry OS 7.1发布

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BlackBerry OS 7.1为以下设备带来了新功能:

  • 黑莓Bold 9900/9930
  • 黑莓Bold 9790
  • 黑莓Torch 9860
  • 黑莓Torch 9810
  • 黑莓Curve 9380
  • 黑莓Curve 9350/9360

BlackBerry OS 7.1
BlackBerry OS 7.1

新的BlackBerry OS 7.1功能

  • Mobile HotSpot:一次最多可连接五个Wi-Fi设备
  • Wi-Fi呼叫:通过Wi-Fi网络拨打电话并保持计划的分钟数
  • BlackBerry Tag:只需点击支持NFC的BlackBerry智能手机,即可邀请朋友加入BBM
  • 自动建议:设备搜索也使用Bing提供其他搜索结果
  • FM收音机:您可以当场收听您喜爱的本地FM电台

BlackBerry的网站上了解有关更新BB OS的更多信息。

在开始升级OS 7.1之前,请记住创建BlackBerry数据的备份,并首先将手机与BlackBerry Desktop Manager同步,以便在出现问题时进行备份。 BlackBerry Backup Extractor能够以两种BlackBerry格式( IPDBBB从本地创建的备份中打开,恢复和提取数据。

评论 (5)

How are you? I have a Blackberry Bold 9780, running on OS 6.0. I was wondering if Blackberry Software OS 7.1 is compatible with my device.

It's not. Sorry!

I lost my Black berry mobile curves model and now need to extract my contacts which i made a back up through the hand set.Pl guide me to down load to my laptop _ regards

Drop us an email through the support page and we'll do our best to help!

Short and simple post but all the information required is there..I am presently using Blackberry Bold 9900 with OS 7.1 and i love all the new features. Previously i had Blackberry Curve 8900 and a samsung phone which i specially bought for FM..It wasnt expensive but a load to carry and one more connection..Now i just have one sleek phone..Thanks for the pos

Hi, I have lost all the data from my phone, sms and phone book, now pls help me on how to connect my blackberry to laptop and retrieve, i am too much tensed and help would be appreciated, regards Vicky

Oh no! Sorry to read that. Please reach out to us with live chat or email and we'll do our best to help.

I have OS version And software version this be right? I own a Q10 and since my latest upgrade, my device constantly restarts itself. When trying to turn the device on, it shows the bold blackberry, then restarts itself over again....

1.) is there a solution for this? 2.) is it possible to downgrade to a previous more stable version?

We reckon there's something wrong there. Try upgrading the firmware again?


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