Saving a lifetime of messages: how Hanna Aase uses iPhone Backup Extractor

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Almost everyone gets nostalgic over pictures, messages and voicemails shared with our loved ones over time. Less than a decade ago we had memory books, diaries and letters carefully stored in a memory box. Now, we have our phones, memory cards and hard-drives.

We create more memories with technology than we ever before. They feel safe, but a mere accident or mistake can wipe out everything you cared about forever.

How do we make sure we carefully save them over time? With a little help from the iPhone Backup Extractor, Hanna Aase, a Norwegian entrepreneur and tech for social change advocate, managed to safely back up thousands of messages she had shared with friends and family over the years.

Hanna Aase is revolutionising social networking by creating the world’s first video-profile identity platform: Wonderloop. Inspired by Oprah’s mission of connecting and empowering people, she decided to use technology for a good cause in the mobile space. Her goal is to give everyone the power to be presented with opportunities and meet life-changing people by creating a global search engine out of people's video profiles.

She is the kind of founder that was able to find opportunities in change, and quickly realised that technology is shaping not only the way we interact and connect, but also the way we express our identity.

One day Hanna received a disconcerting message from her iCloud account. "I got an iCloud bug and was prompted by Apple to reset my phone and set it up as new". She had been using iPhones for the past 10 years, and all of a sudden, a bug in the system became a threat to everything she had saved, created or stored over the years.

Filled with anxiety and concern, Hanna realised that local backups could have been really helpful, even though, she noticed - not all messages got transferred from one phone to another, especially really old ones.

"Messages are like a diary in your life", she told us. When she found out about the iPhone Backup Extractor, she decided to give it a try. Much to her delight, she safely backed up all of her iPhone's contents into a local folder.

The data extraction tool worked really well for her. "Better than I had imagined" she added.

"It downloaded over 30,000 of my messages into one easily readable PDF! It also downloaded old voicemails, some from my grandma's. It's nice to save them in one place and be able to hear her voice; I know I will appreciate having saved them later on."

Another feature Hanna found really useful was the ability to save her messages based on the places she had lived or visited. She could now upload all of the messages to a map and visualise her conversations all over the world.

Impressed with both the quality and speed of our technology and customer support, Hanna was very kind to share her story with us. "I rarely pay for software anymore, but to have almost 10 years of my life safely backed up in one place was certainly worth it!". Being a technology entrepreneur herself, she knows that developing quality software that delivers results as expected is not an easy task.

Over and over again, we are humbled and grateful that our customers, just like Hanna, continue to choose us, and be satisfied with the results. For the Reincubate's team, Hanna's story is not only a testimonial of satisfaction, but an insight into how people around the world use our product to solve real-life problems.

The iPhone Backup Extractor can be used in emergency situations, for example when you drop and crash your iPhone, but it can also be used as a tool that helps you better manage the information on all of your Apple devices. It helps you recover, back up, and organise content you thought you might have lost, or content that is simply too large to extract manually.

If you have used the iPhone Backup Extractor in a way that truly mattered to you, we would love to hear your story.


Catalina Butnaru是斯坦福大学商学院的创新与企业家毕业生。她是IEEE健康和人工智能委员会的成员,并担任城市AI伦敦项目的大使。




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