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Can I use BlackBerry Backup Extractor on a computer without BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

Yes. BlackBerry Backup Extractor will automatically search in the default BlackBerry Desktop Manager backup location for your backups. However, the software doesn't require that BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed on the computer on which you use it.

You can copy your backups to another machine and use BlackBerry Backup Extractor there. It is possible to extract on Windows from a backup made under macOS, and vice-versa.

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I have a Blackberry 8330 (I love the trackball)..Verizon is my carrier..they tell me as of Demember 2019 my 8330 will no longer work on their network so I'll need to ourchase a new phone..I backed up my Blackberry to my laptop (pc)..however when I try to open my backup file it can not be read..will your software be able to get my contacts from either my existing backup files on laptop and convert the files to a word doc on my laptop...I have a cable so i'm able to plug my blackberry into my laptop..Advise how to help my dilemma...Thanks..btw, what is the cost for your software..if your software can solve my problem..

Hi Bob, thanks for your note. Sure, drop us a note or message us on live chat. BlackBerry Backup Extractor can recover data from the 8330, and it costs $24.95.


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