如何阅读IPD和BBB BlackBerry备份


您是否发现自己需要恢复存储在BlackBerry IPD备份文件中的电子邮件,联系人,文本或其他数据?

BlackBerry Backup Extractor可以提取所有类型的BlackBerry备份。以下是使用BlackBerry Backup Extractor以四个简单步骤提取存储在BlacbBerry BBBIPD备份文件中的信息的指南。


BlackBerry Backup Extractor会显示备份中的内容预览,并允许您选择要恢复的数据类型。这些类别包括以下内容:

  • 往来
  • 呼叫
  • 短信
  • MMS
  • BBM消息
  • 电子邮件
  • 日历
  • 任务
  • 备忘录
  • 书签
  • 相片
  • 影片
  • 手机铃声
  • 应用程序数据
  • 存储文件(比如BBM聊天的备份)


  1. 下载BlackBerry Backup Extractor并打开BlackBerry备份。

    BlackBerry Backup Extractor's overview
    BlackBerry Backup Extractor的概述

  2. 选择要提取的数据类型。在这个例子中,我们选择了电子邮件。

    BlackBerry Backup Extractor extracting emails
    BlackBerry Backup Extractor提取电子邮件

  3. 选择输出文件夹,按Extract并恢复电子邮件:这些将作为eml文件保存到您的桌面

    BlackBerry Backup Extractor after extracting emails
    提取电子邮件后的BlackBerry Backup Extractor


  1. 首先,下载Reincubate BlackBerry Backup Extractor的免费版本并运行它。

    BlackBerry Backup Extractor's overview
    BlackBerry Backup Extractor的概述

  2. 选择您的BlackBerry备份文件

    单击“打开备份...”按钮将IPD备份文件加载到软件中。您将看到BlackBerry Backup Extractor自动知道在哪里查找文件,因此您应该看到任何直接显示的备份文件。您无需安装BlackBerry Desktop Software即可使用。

    BlackBerry Backup Extractor browsing for IPD and BBB backups
    BlackBerry Backup Extractor浏览IPD和BBB备份

    您无需拥有BlackBerry Desktop Manager的副本即可使用BlackBerry Backup Extractor:可以从USB记忆棒,电子邮件附件或其他计算机打开备份。

  3. 单击以提取存储在备份中的所有数据

    打开备份后,您将看到BlackBerry Backup Extractor报告其已读取的备份量以及已找到的信息数据库。


    BlackBerry Backup Extractor selecting output folder
    BlackBerry Backup Extractor选择输出文件夹


Files recovered from BlackBerry backup


BlackBerry Messenger对话和备份文件


  • \BBM Conversations\conversations.csv
  • \Content Store\home\user\im\BlackBerry Messenger\322E5CD6\backup\



  • \Content Store\home\user\camera\
  • \Content Store\home\user\pictures\
  • \Content Store\home\user\music\



  • \Content Store\appdata\


Sent and received emails extracted from a BlackBerry backup

您的BlackBerry电子邮件将以eml格式提取,Microsoft Outlook和许多其他电子邮件客户端都可以轻松阅读。请注意,BlackBerry Desktop Manager很少在其备份中保存电子邮件附件。这意味着提取器很少会恢复它们。


Contacts and address book extracted from a BlackBerry backup

BlackBerry IPD文件中的联系人和地址簿以各种格式提取:简单的CSV以便于使用,并作为大型VCF文件导入各种Webmail平台。此外,每个联系人都会导出到VCF文件,以便轻松导入Microsoft Outlook或Windows通讯簿。


Phone call history extracted from a BlackBerry backup



SMS and text messages extracted from a BlackBerry backup



  • \MMS Messages\
  • \MMS Messages\images\
  • \MMS Messages\vcards\


Calendar appointments extracted from a BlackBerry backup

IPD文件中包含的所有日历约会将导出为简单的CSV,也可导出到ICS / ICal文件中,以便轻松导入您的电子邮件或日历客户端。


Tasks extracted from a BlackBerry backup

Notes extracted from a BlackBerry backup

任务和备忘录(注释)被提取到CSV文件中,任务也被提取成方便的ICS / ICal格式,以便导入大多数电子邮件或日历软件。


过去,BlackBerry Desktop Manager已在Windows上以IPD格式保存BlackBerry Backup文件,在macOS上以BBB保存。自从我们记不起以来, IPD格式备份已成为BlackBerry Desktop Manager备份遗传的一部分。 Mac的文件是Windows格式的压缩版本。 IPD代表“Inter @ ctive Pager Backup”,黑莓可能认为这是一个古老的描述,值得更换。

BlackBerry Desktop Software 7于2012年2月发布,即PlayBook OS 2发布后不久。这个新版本的BDS为Windows和macOS引入了新的BBB备份文件格式2。新格式有其他差异,现在包含一组压缩的DAT文件。每个DAT文件都包含相关的数据子集,例如联系人或日历。

延期 OS 笔记
IPD 视窗 BDM 1 - 6 经典的“Inter @ ctive Pager Backup”格式
IPD 2 Windows和macOS BDS 6.1 仅限BlackBerry PlayBook使用
BBB 苹果系统 BDM 1 - 6 拉链IPD
BBB 2 Windows和macOS 来自BDS 7+ 2012年的新格式

祝您恢复数据好运 - 如果您需要支持,请联系我们。



我们的办公时间是格林威治标准时间周一至周五上午9点至下午5点。 时间目前是 6:17 AM的 GMT。


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评论 (19)

I have a Blackberry 8330 (I love the trackball)..Verizon is my carrier..they tell me as of Demember 2019 my 8330 will no longer work on their network so I'll need to ourchase a new phone..I backed up my Blackberry to my laptop (pc)..however when I try to open my backup file it can not be read..will your software be able to get my contacts from either my existing backup files on laptop and convert the files to a word doc on my laptop...I have a cable so i'm able to plug my blackberry into my laptop..Advise how to help my dilemma...Thanks..btw, what is the cost for your software..if your software can solve my problem..

Hi Bob, thanks for your note. Sure, drop us a note or message us on live chat. BlackBerry Backup Extractor can recover data from the 8330, and it costs $24.95.

Hi, is it possible to read voice notes in the blackberry backup with your program?

Hi Fabiola, it sure is! We've dropped you an email to guide you through the process. Thanks!

Got a little from my backup - elcomsoft got nothing! But I don't know the difference in ipd or bbb.

Lots of info missing. Only 5 contacts there etc. I had an old curve then a HTC cant remember now which I used to restore to my new phone. Is this the problem or are the files corrupt?

Hey Sue, thanks for commenting. I think you're using the free version of BlackBerry Backup Extractor. That'll get the first 5 files out. If you buy a license it'll export all of them for you. 🙂

Hi, I want to extract my calendar, but the free version only extracts 5 entries, which isn't enough to see if it's worth buying. The entries are not in date order.

This also seems to be the case with other similar software. I don't want to pay for something that doesn't do what I want - to be able to look at, for example, a csv file, and see what I've got this week. Can you help?

Hi Philip, thanks for your email and for checking out the free version. We deliberate have the free edition return records from a range of dates. Don't forget we have a money back promise if the software doesn't work for you. 👩‍💻

And is there -- somewhere -- the layout of he BBB file format? I would like to be able to write an app to read it - just like others apps do ...

Like BlackBerry Backup Extractor? 👩‍🏫

do you have a version for macs?

@Wally: we sure do! You should see the download link above.

I do have version 6.1 of the desktop SW and did try to install the 7.1 Bundle on my Torch. Now I do have a bbb file that I have no way to read back onto my device! Just a mess. No wonder RIM is having a hard time...

BlackBerry Desktop Software 7 is now out, so this should be OK to restore .BBB files on Windows. If not BlackBerry Backup Extractor can help extract any BlackBerry backup format.

hi my son pressed clear instead of copy on his bbm can this history be retrieved

@Gail, if the he created a backup prior to the clearing his BBM messages, then yes -- in CSV format. You can try BlackBerry Backup Extractor for free just to see if he has any backups or not.

You could even restore just the BBM messages using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, we have articles here on how to do this: How to recover BlackBerry Messenger contacts and conversations

sorry, one other question. HELP please!!! i am using desktop manager 4.6.0 on a 3 yr old 8310 curve. (i know, both old.) i had numerous critical "saved as draft" emails that were not actually sent. are these recoverable from my files? i think my phone memory was low and something happened a week or so ago and i lost alot of my email file (and others)on the phone that i had been backing up to bbm. thanks!

@Jay; When extracting from you backup the BlackBerry Backup Extractor should save these in a folder called "Emails Saved". If not these were not saved to the backup, it's probably better to ask this sort of question in support -- please reach out direct. 🙂

i am wondering if my photo's and video will be saved on the blackberry backup files, and can your product open them up?

@Sarah, only if the photos and video were save to the phone memory, not the SD Card. Also they have to be backed up via DM before they were deleted. If you deleted from the SD card there is software that tries to recover deleted files from these.

BlackBerry Desktop Software 7 is still not available from the BlackBerry download page. It's worth pointing out that DM 7 creates backups in BBB format, so if you have had to downgrade to DM 6 you'll have issues accessing the BBB file data until DM 7 is relaunched.

I have already purchased your program. Are the BlackBerry messages saved in the backup procedure and if so how can I see them using your program

@Terrence, yes they are. You can find related BBM files in these folders:

  • BBM Conversations\conversations.csv
  • Content Store\home\user\im\BlackBerry Messenger\322E5CD6\backup

I have come stuck with importing my blackberry.orange.co.uk emails to another phone. Is the process outlined above able to convert my blackberry emails to a gmail?


C Perry

Hi Chris, the simplest way would be to access your Gmail with Microsoft Outlook, and drag the exported files into Outlook. That'll sort it out. 🙂 Reach out to us if you get stuck!

How do I view extracted file in MS Outlook?

Regards Mike

@Mike: You can just import the either contacts or calendars using the extracted CSV, iCal or iCS files. We have more information here.

Wondering if it recovers the Password Keeper. Thanks!

Hey Jocelyn, thanks for commenting. Yes, BlackBerry Backup Extractor recovers data from Password Keeper. You'll need to use Password Keeper to read the the extracted file. Reach out to us if you get stuck!

Hello.. I Would like to purchase your software, Blackberry Backup Extractor.

However i've been trying to figure out if the "Purged Messages" Database are actually readable. I've spent quite a alot of time googling this now, and did not get any answers,.Please advise.

@Pedro Thanks for your interest in the Blackberry Backup Extractor. The way messages are 'purged' is often dependant on the service provider of the phone, the settings used and the BB OS. The application cannot recover deleted messages unless they are backed up in a IPD, few service providers tend to do this at all but it does happen now and then.

You can try the BBBE application for free, once you extract data from the IPD file navigate to the follow folder: EXTRACTED-FOLDER\Other\Purged Messages

You will either see a sample of deleted messages, deleted message references (useless pointer info) or an empty file.

The Blackberry Backup Extractor works great and the extracted .eml files can be imported seamlessly into Windows Live Mail (free download from Microsoft). All attachments and formatting is retained.

My only remark at this point is that Live Mail fails to import multiple vcf files even though it did the first 3 or so and throws up an error. I can still pull an individual vcf in but hope that this is fixed soon.

Hey NewJerseyGuy, thanks for kind words. We're glad it worked out for you. Microsoft are due to update Live Mail's import functionality soon -- it's overdue!

Can this backup converter recover photos from the media/all pictures folder on BB?

If so, then what type of file shows up on extraction?

Hi Susan, yes it can. They'll be extracted in whichever format they're stored on in the device: usually that means JPEG format for most of them. Download the free edition and give it a go.

Does the registered version decrypt password keeper items

Hi Stryker: the registered version will extract your Password Keeper file in Password Keeper's own format: you'll need Password Keeper to read the file, however. 👍


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