打开BlackBerry 10备份


自从今年年初推出以来,BlackBerry 10手机(例如BlackBerry Q10和Z10)在BlackBerry用户中已经越来越成熟。 BB 10的BlackBerry Link能够备份.bbb BlackBerry备份文件中的联系人,电子邮件,BBM,SMS和照片。但是,市场上没有能够打开BlackBerry Link备份并提取内部数据的软件。

BlackBerry Backup Extractor尚不支持BlackBerry 10备份。

我们已经收到用户的请求,要求进一步探索其BlackBerry 10备份的可能性,并且我们正在评估它在将来提供的支持。黑莓在某种程度上阻碍了我们在此方面的努力,我们已经多次探索了这一点。




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评论 (106)

I hope you can assist. Ive owned blackberries since they first came out. The data extraction software that BB/Rim provided always worked perfectly until the Q10 came along and Ive been trying to get my calendar data out ever since.

I use the calendar as a journal for important events, and include extensive notes in the associated field. I need to be able to extract either selected events (all events contain specific codes in the event title to allow for searching within the calendar. There are over 500 calendar events that i would like to extract into some other useable file fornat for use on my pc. To date i have only been able to do this by selecting each event and emailing it to myself at a separate email address. THe sync aspect does not extract my calendar for import into any other program, and only extract portions of my contact folder. Ive stopped using the BBQ10 as on one including BB has been able to provide a way to copy of move part of al of the calendar off of the device onto any other device or laptop or pc. You are my last hope. I look forward to your brilliance being able to provide a workable response and if you are able to do so i will wave your name from the flagpoles to the thousands of similarly frustrated Q10 users

Please add support for BB10 backups

Please develop a tool to extract data from the Q10 backup files.

Please please please it would be really nice if bb10 compatibility is factored into this app..I am just frustrated with BB..i have lost virtually everything on my Q10 and these informations are very vital to my daily activity as a medical professional..

Please try and do something about it. Thank you so much

2018 any progress on extracting blackberry 10 back up files - is it time to ditch blackberry?

I would highly appreciate to have access to Blackberry 10 data backup files as some other solutions like smartswitch cannot access all data required from that device type

I am an owner of a BBZ10, and I Vote for adding BlackBerry 10 support to the BlackBerry Backup Extractor

I'm intersted BBBE work with BB Q10

Please support 10 as soon as possible (any chance in next 24 hours??:) Would be helpful right now as PRIV has developed fault - don't know what it has backed up as can't see.

Please make BlackBerry Backup Extractor compatible with all BlackBerry Link Backups, including BlackBerry Leap, Classic, Passport etc...

We need this!!!

Please work at extracting Blackberry 10 data.

Would be nice to open Q10 BBB File!

Definitely need this for BlackBerry 10

I want to access to my data in bbb file. Please i need backup extractor to 10 version software

Will you be releasing a Blackberry Backup extractor for backup files created on a Z10. Managed to kill my Z10 when launching a boat and drowning the Z10. Have moved to a Samsung, so unable to load backups, and would like to access the contacts to enter into the Samsung

Please just update the extractor and make everyones lives easier!! Thanks

Yes, please. This is exactly what I need!

Exactly as you've said, with the ever-increasing numbers of BB10 users, it'll be necessary to take this step at some point in time, anyways... So why not sooner than later? (what I'm saying is that it's obviously very popular, so please add that support; if not for my vote, individually, then for all the rest of these patient peeps >_<)

Thank you, BB10 Nation

I would like to open a .bbb file created by my Q5. I can't believe it is not possible unless you have a working phone!

What's the point of having a backup files if you can't access it when you phone is stolen or damaged?

This is nonsense.

Please please please add the functionality of being able to open an OS10 backup

I've got .bbb files created from BB OS 10.3 on a Q10 and I'd like to get my personal SMS out of it.

Yes, i'd be great if u'll implement the OS 10 support ! Please do it !!

I am a business man, but unfortunately i faced many difficulties due to my blackberry messages backup, i didnt found any official extractor for my bb backup from my q10, so that i can view them on my pc easily, can't blackberry RIM take any action to launch such modified blackberry link which supports to save messages in microsoft word or excel, its really necessary for any user, blackberry should take serious step towards its loyal customers who are using it from 10-15 years.

Please add the capability for opening the Z10 backup in the Blackberry Backup Extractor.

I need BB10 support as son as posible. Please do it. Thanks

Of course we need it to work with all versions of blackberry, including q10, playbook, passport etc.

when will it be available

It is badly needed, my wife got her 10.3 update and I am unable to open the BBB file to extract her notes and they will not recover using the crappy BBLink sofware.

Yes I'd like to see BB extractor support BB10 devices.

yes obviously we would like to be able to extract data. right now i cant restore my phone cuz i have a new id that has 1 letter different than my old one.

i'm trying to extract my broken z10 bbb backup but it's appear that it's not supported this file yet please help me to get back my files any updates ?!

because i cant restore my backup from os 10.2.1 to the new 10.3.1. missing a lot of my staff

Blackberry does a very poor job when syncing my pics into iphoto, so accessing it is a hassle. Would rather be able to see the files directly! Please a Q10 bbb extractor would do the trick easily, maybe instead of a full fledge extractor a file browser, simple!

Yes please. Really a life save if you manage to do it. Thanks

I am supporting a release of an extractor for bb 10. Please release it

i cant restall my backup from my pc to my z10

i need to open my contact back file i am using blackberry z10

Please I need a Z10 or OS10 extractor... very very very important as BBLink is really unreliable.

I had to roll back from Q10 to a BB Torch. No way to extract and import anything into my Torch. Please update the Blackberry extractor to BB10.

Any progress on BB 10? Desperate need for this!

Vote Just Yes

the dog chewed my Z10 and I can't afford a new phone, using an old Bold now but can't get my contacts out of the bbb file from my backup. This sucks, hurry up with the bbb 10 extractor, I needed it yesterday!

Thumbs up! I vote YES ABSOLUTELY, it will really helpful and useful, i really need my remember files back.

I am waiting for the blackberry 10 backup extractor, please let me know when will it be available.


Please do or don't, but please don't tease.

Yes please, and the sooner the better.

Yes please! I want to save sms-Chat to my Computer, but it doesn't work

-BPTS Technician

I would really like to have this feature built in with the next release of BB Link, I find it very useful for help my customers when they have issue restoring or recovering Backup files for BB10. Please consider adding this feature on the next release Thanks!

please add black berry 10 feature

Would be nice to have this extract BB10 backups. My firm is upgrading all BBs to BB10 devices. Would be very helpful.

I have over 2500 pictures on my Z10 and my phone crashed while doing a back up... this extractor is needed sooner rather than later

My issue is extracting calendar and contact info from the work side the Z30, and merge it with my home computer's Outlook 2013. Work profile has locked out manual sync with BB Link software, so wjile my work computer syncs with the Z30, I can't do this at home.

Seria excelente que se pueda trabajar con copia de bb 10.

still waiting for BB10 support

It really needs to be able to extract the data, as the BB link is not up to the task. Its crap actually.

please a want to know when the blackberry backup extractor for the blackberry q10 is available!!!

We would love to purchase/have a Blackberry Z10/Q10 Extractor We vote yes!

I really looking software that can explore Blackberry 10 Backup file. I need it. Please make it...

Great program,has helped my in disastrous situations!! i too am awaiting bb10 compatibility,please notify when possible. thanks in advance

I would have purchased your program if it supported Z10.

My phone has died - and I need to extract the contacts - but I cannot wait months.

switched to Q10 , badly needed

I ended up here because I wanted to extract a file from my BB10 backup file. My unit is in for warrantee repairs and I discovered that I failed to copy a business data file to my computer first. I'll now have to wait days or weeks before I can finish that business for my client. Would love to be able to extract it from the backup, now!!

loved my BB Z10 until it died unexpectedly at 14 months old. Now I can't open my back-up files and copy everything to my Q5... that's just dumb.

Tic Toc. Lets get this on the go!! I'm sure people including myself have old back ups we want to extract and restore only certain things. Double the price for the software. I'll pay twice.

Yes this is highly needed. We can't extract or share a long BBM chat otherwise

PLEASE MAKE BB Extractor for z10

Please make Blacbkberry 10 backup and data for PC, PLEASE HELP Urgent

Please, this would save me and many more much grief if it supported the Z10!!

I have 700 notes in my reminder folder and need to extract them from my blackberry 10. would love to buy software to do that.

Yes I'd like to see BB extractor support BB10 devices.

BB 10 decryption is a must!

This would be very useful to copy sms messages sent from computer monitoring tools to other systems

BB10 exists for over a year on the market. Your tool is a great one for the older BlackBerry devices. So I think it is a "must" to have this great function also for the great BB10 environment. Thanks!

support for BB 10 PLEASE

BlackBerry extractor for BB10 a MUST!

Once a BBM chat gets over a certain length, you can no longer copy it all or email it. So an extractor for the BB10 encrypted BBB files is a definite MUST.

I just used InTouch app to get contacts to sync from BB to iPhone. Would have preferred a more granular approach via BackupExtractor.

BBBE for V10 devices would have allowed management of personal vs. business, for instance.

Overall we were happy that BBBE helped us recover from multiple device and sync failures. Will miss it in the future if V10 support doesn't get added.

I vot YES , my blackberry got stolen and i want my contacts from my backup because i have htc so there is no any way , however blackberry protect is a fail idea because if i have password I’m my phone who stoled my blackberry he need to but the password and all of you know that after 10 times from putting wrong password the phone will bee formatted so when it will be formatted it will ask again for blackberry id password ! protect my blackberry it will not work until it connect the internet by wifi and the stolen person he can’t connected because it require password for blackberry id protect my blackberry is fail idea and it useless

I have used Blackberry Extractor on my last 2 phone and think it is great. please update the program so I can continue using it with my Blackberry Z10

Thank you

PLEASE....Do something!

help me..

I can’t open a “bbb” file from my Q10..

Do you have a tip or can you help me please..?

Thank you very much. Best regards

Would really like an extractor for the blackberry z10 phone.

I vote YES!!!!!

Yes, please add BB10 support!

It's a requirement, blackberry device can throw surprises while handling backups. Having a software to extract data from bbb file can be life saver.

we need to open the blackberry 10 backup and ugent ,i download the softwear but not working on the 10 system

Please add BB10 support, n let me know when it will be available for purchase

Please fix the issue with being able to open v10 BBB files

This is a no brainer. The support for BB10 devices is needed.


Definantly need Blackberry 10 backup function. I do a lot of recover for end users and with everyone updating to the latest blackberry OS its a needed function.


I neeeed it please help me :(


I bought your product a while ago and I used it extensively. It is a great product

Now I need to extract some BB10 backup files. Can you please add that functionality?

guys....my second comment.,,please let us know when the update will be released. i am liscenced user and i am willing to buy again if i have to, coz after ugrading to 10.2.1 all my data is gone :-( Please help!!!

i am a lisenced user of Backup Extractor, i now have a Q10 but it doesnt open the files created by link. Please send update the software. im even ready to purchase the comercial version again. VERY IMPORTANT.

Thanks and Regards,

Why not take it a step further, and create a selective backup/restore-solution, so we wouldn't need BB-Link anymore for backups.

Or, if not possible, let users select which parts they want to extract from the backup, and write them to a new Backup-file, so the user can restore only that newly created Backup-file, with only items in it he wants to restore.

Thanks for the feedback, Paul. We'd love to release a completely new backup and restore system, but we're constrained by what a BlackBerry device will let us do.

blackberry link sucks! it doesn't work properly and right now im in desperate need to get my data back! at least to just to view them here on pc and make sure the data file is okay! not corrupted! I feel like im isolated having my blackberry without any data on it cauase of this stupid blackberry link !

Yes, i would! Please add bb10 .bbb support!

Blackberry back extractor is very important for us who constantly updated to new OS leaks, to my experience if you want to enjoy the new leaks do not restore your old Data, because you will lose lots of feature that's built in the latest OS, that means you will lose your old Text message, Call Logs and more. With Blackberry back extractor for OS 10 we should be able to retrieve all that data.

For sure the already large and steadily increasing number of people using BB Q10 would you like to see BlackBerry Link compatibility added to the BlackBerry Backup Extractor. That would certainly sell very well.

Need support for BB10 backup files. Thanks

This is a must to recover files.

Hi. Backup Extractor for Z10/OS10 is badly needed. Pls proceed development. Thanks and best regards Hermann

I think it's a given that BlackBerry 10 backup extraction is a must. You even use a BlackBerry 10 device within the program (Q10).

So the answer is a definite YES.

When will the blackberry backup extractor software be able to read blackberry 10 backups? I'm in serious need of my older contacts on my blackberry q10 backup. PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP

I vote yes! I have a problem now where the Android emulator and text messaging have stopped working. I don't want to backup old applications onto a new phone, EXCEPT the remember files!

Please add the capability for opening the Q10 backup in the Blackberry Backup Extractor. After all, it can open the other OS so why not OS 10?

Hyyy,, keep spirit!! we are waiting for blackberry 10 support! :)

I have a blackberry 10 backup that I couldn't extract (couldn't restore from OS 10.1 to 10.2). I am waiting for BB10 support. Can you notify me when BB10 support is available? Thanks

Please add support for BB10 backups


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