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Here's a short guide on opening DMG files on Windows -- and extracting data from them.

  1. Download the free DMG Extractor.

  2. Open DMG Extractor and select the DMG file you want to extract

    Click the "Open" menu icon on the top-left of the window.

  3. Select the DMG file you want to extract

    If the DMG archive is password protected, DMG Extractor will prompt you for its password:

    DMG Extractor opening an encrypted DMG
    DMG Extractor opening an encrypted DMG

    After doing this, DMG Extractor will load the file you selected. If you have a large DMG file, a progress bar will show until the DMG file is loaded.

    DMG Extractor opening a 4GB+ DMG file
    DMG Extractor opening a 4GB+ DMG file

    Now you should be able to see all the files contained within the DMG file and navigate folders and files.

  4. Extract the files you want

    Click "Extract", next to the "Open" button. You can choose whether to extract the whole of the DMG's contents into the same folder, or into a specific one chosen by you. If you don't need to extract all the files, just select the files you want and on the "Extract" menu click "Selected files to…"

That's it -- extraction complete! Your selected files should now have been converted from the DMG file and saved onto your Windows computer ready for you to use.

DMG Extractor supports 4GB+, FAT and ex-FAT DMG images, too

Apple Disk Utility creating an MS-DOS (FAT) DMG
Apple Disk Utility creating an MS-DOS (FAT) DMG

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do it please there is no way I can download this programm that I want to open again.. I dont have very god internet and it is .dmg... I think many users have this problem

Yes, have a 13 Gig DMG file, but cant open with current DMG Extractor

I need to extract a very large .dmg (1.2 Tb) which is corrupted, and won't open in Mac OS! I was hoping to salvage some with a DMG extractor. Help!

we need a convertor to files more than 4 GB

y can't we extract files more than 4 gb. This really sucks and i'm disappointed.please find a solution and hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to extract 6.27gb file;how?

hi I have a 4+ GB dmg. is it possible to open it with this software? many thanks!

Absolutely, yes!

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