Hoe een corrupte iTunes-back-up of een SQLite-bestand te repareren

Lucian Dan

By Lucian Dan


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Zo nu en dan kunnen iTunes-back-ups corrupt zijn. Foutmeldingen in iTunes voor een corrupte back-up kunnen variëren, afhankelijk van het hoofdprobleem, soms zonder veel aanwijzingen te geven over het echte probleem.

In most instances, it’s almost impossible to repair corrupt encrypted backups, and certainly not without a full understanding of what is missing and how to fix it. However, if a backup wasn't encrypted, it is generally easier to recover with a partial set of files.

De volgende berichten kunnen erop duiden dat een back-up corrupt is:

Error loading backup in [...] Not a valid mbdb

Couldn't load backup in /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/MobileSync [...] file opened is not a database file

[...] there was something wrong with the manifest an underlying SQL exception occurred

AuthData Value was not a dictionary/node

The free edition of iPhone Backup Extractor has a number of backup recovery features which are designed to help with corrupted backups, and our support team may well be able to help, and they can do so if you're able to share copies of your Manifest.plist, Manifest.db, Info.plist and Status.plist files.

We publiceren een handleiding voor het werken met corrupte back-ups en beschrijven de belangrijkste manieren om gegevens in detail te herstellen.

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Lucian Dan leads Reincubate's support team. He has particular expertise in recovering lost passwords and data from corrupt backups. If you reach out to the support team, you may receive a response from him. He's got quite a lot of fans on our Trustpilot page.

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