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BlackBerry Backup Extractor released

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Today's release includes a minor licensing change.

  • Fix Minor licensing change. Not much to see here!

BlackBerry Backup Extractor released

2 correzioni

Today's release includes improvements for updating users and tweaks the licensing system.

  • Fix We now tidy up older versions better when upgrading. There will be many more updates to come!
  • Fix Resolved a handful of registration issues.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor released

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We're celebrating April with a round-up of improvements in BlackBerry Backup Extractor, including a new look, better indication of progress, and a few other tweaks.

  • Feature Brand new look and interface. What do you think of it?
  • Improvement The progress bar now reflects progress during extraction more accurately.
  • Improvement We've wired up our new management protocol into this build, making activation easier.
  • Fix We've made a nasty edge-case "Zip exception" go away. Sorry about that, if you were affected.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.101 released

1 correzioni

  • Fix This release addresses a storage zip replacement crash.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.100 released

Miglioramenti di 2 1 correzioni

BlackBerry Backup Extractor version 0.100 is our first update for 2013. We've enhanced our extraction of media files, extended our support for corrupt BlackBerry backup files, and fixed formatting issues that occurred when extracting contacts from some types of BlackBerry backups.

  • Improvement Improved extraction of media files from .ipd and .bbb BlackBerry backups
  • Improvement Improvements when extracting from corrupt BlackBerry backups missing essential backup files
  • Fix Fixes formatting issues and error (FileStream will not open Win32 devices such as disk partitions and tape drives) that may appear when extracting contacts from certain BlackBerry backups

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.97 released

1 correzioni

Today's releases includes a number of small changes and fixes to improve experience in the app.

  • Fix We've patches a number of issues. Feedback is appreciated!

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.96 released

1 correzioni

  • Fix An assortment of behind-the-scenes fixes are going live in this version.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.92 released

Miglioramenti di 3

Today's release brings new enhancements to exporting contacts, and improved BBM support.

  • Improvement Extended UTF-8 support for notes the calendar export files
  • Improvement Contacts and address book entries include new field data for "Date of birth" and "Anniversary date" when exporting to CSV format
  • Improvement Support for the updated BBM Conversation format from BDS 7.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.91 released

Funzioni 1

Blackberry Backup Extractor now works with encrypted IPD and BBB backups -- rejoice! This supports encrypted backups from BDM 5, 6 and 7, which has only just been released.

  • Feature Support for encrypted backups in IPD format, and in both BBB formats.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.89 released

Miglioramenti di 2 2 correzioni

We fixed some bugs and made improvements to BlackBerry Backup Extractor in version 0.89. We hope you like it!

  • Improvement ICS calendar file extraction now includes time zones data where available in backup
  • Improvement Faster extraction!
  • Fix Extracted CSV calendar containing very large text lengths handled more cleanly
  • Fix Conversion of invalid characters from backup database to extracted file format, fixes some localised issues with some Outlook versions

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.82 released

Funzioni 3 Miglioramenti di 1

Today's release adds support for the v2 BBB backup format introduced by BDS 7 and a number of other changes.

  • Feature Supports new v2 BBB BlackBerry backup format, both on Mac and Windows
  • Feature Extraction for MMS messages in HTML format including attachments
  • Feature Extracts multimedia files (from phone memory only, not from memory card as this is not backed up in BBB or IPD backups)
  • Improvement Improved extraction of the BlackBerry Messenger conversations and saved BBM backups

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.80 released

Miglioramenti di 2

The latest release of BlackBerry Backup Extractor is now available.

  • Improvement Improved export for contacts to CSV, works with Gmail and Outlook
  • Improvement Improved language support in exports

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.72 released

Funzioni 1 Miglioramenti di 2 1 correzioni

We've updated the site with the latest version of our IPD converter application. It supports different operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) and also now comes with a one-click, easy-to-use Windows installer.

  • Feature Drag and drop IPD files straight into the application
  • Improvement New file handling features for very large IPD files
  • Improvement New one-click, easy-to-use Windows installer
  • Fix Provision for older Blackberry IPD files and BlackBerry model discrepancies

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